Do Good Things

Health and Justice for All

An IEEE SIGHT Group Project

Introducing the Team:

We are IEEE NJ Coast Section PACE SIGHT Group.

Co-Lead Katherine Grace August, PhD (Kit), IEEE Senior Member, EMBS, Computers, ComSoc, R&A, Computational Intelligence, WIE, SIGHT, AP/EMC/VT: biomedical engineer/communications engineer;

Katherine Grace August, PhD (Kit) is a Research Guest at Stevens Institute of Technology – ECE Intelligent Networks. Current research projects involve humanitarian activities Health and Justice for All following the UN Sustainable Development Goals including focus on innovating inclusion accessibility sustainability interoperability scalability in communication technologies and solutions, and employing sustainable low-cost mainstream technology to connect the unconnected with culturally and linguistically appropriate solutions. SDGs to promote health and well-being, promote gender equality, reduce inequity, for example, improve ease of use, curate and reduce bias in data, algorithms, processes, and in solutions. Projects promote improved opportunity for underrepresented, minorities, women and girls, with an emphasis on inventing. Research experience in neurorehabilitation with robots, haptics, augmented and virtual reality, functional brain imaging, biological, analog and digital signal processing, wireless, systems engineering, communications, steganography, intelligent systems, search, AIML, speech processing, and the like. Former Bell Labs MTS New Service Concepts Systems Engineering 1991 – 2002. Current Stevens Consultant. Recent project: NSF SPECTRA. IEEE Standards Group P2933 Trust Identity Privacy Protection, Safety, Security (TIPPSS) for Clinical Internet of Things. IEEE SA DIITA. IEEE SIGHT Projects: 'Do Good Things Health and Justice for All,' raising awareness of Health and Medical Device Literacy with culturally and linguistically appropriate systems in the IEEE SIGHT Project, ‘Do Good Things, Justice for All,’ an experiential learning system to understand hearing loss, and provide augmentative communications and closed captioning to reduce disparity. 18 United States Patents; 50 International Patents; Citations: 3187, h index 21, i10 index 25; IEEE NJ Coast Section Volunteer and Region 1 Award 2020; ‘Hear, here!’ Do Good Robotics Startup Competition Finalist University of Maryland, 2019; IEEE HAC ‘Justice for All’ Event 2019; IEEE NJ Coast Section PACE SIGHT Group Chair, IEEE NJ Coast Section History Chair, AP-VT-EMC Chapter Vice Chair, Computers Chapter Vice Chair, IEEE ComSoc History Committee; Whitaker Scholar 2009-2012 at ETH Zurich, Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) Arts in Technology Award Virtual Actor with John Jesurun and Daniel Lee, PhD. Kit received the PhD Biomedical Engineering, Newark College of Engineering NJIT, the MSCS-MIS, Marist College, and BFA Communications Design, Parsons The New School for Design.

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Co-Lead Paula Muller, PhD IEEE Member, biomedical engineer; Alzheimer's Community Educator, Bilingual English and Spanish, EMBS, WIE, SIGHT;

Paula Muller, PhD, IEEE Member Biomedical Engineer, Humanitarian and SIGHT Volunteer. Paula has been involved with IEEE NJ Coast Section PACE SIGHT Group since the very beginning. She is a leader, inspired innovator, and role model making significant ongoing contributions to the community locally and globally including but not limited to: Sociavi (her company), ‘Do Good Things Health and Justice for All,’ IEEE HAC Event, ‘Hear, Here!,’ IEEE SIGHT Project, ‘Do Good Things: Justice for All,’ improving communication for those with hearing loss, raising awareness of Health and Medical Device Literacy with culturally and linguistically appropriate systems in the IEEE SIGHT Project, 'Do Good Things Health and Justice for All,' PACE SIGHT ‘Inventing Your Future,’ collaboration helping people become Inventors, IEEE Women’s History Month Roundtable at Stevens Institute of Technology, and more.

Paula Muller, Founder of Sociavi, has a lifelong passion for technology applied to healthcare, starting with her M.S. in Biomedical Engineering in Chile working with the blind, then her work in Switzerland analyzing EEGs to prevent epileptic seizures, followed by her Ph.D. and Post-doc work at Rutgers with Parkinson patients, and later at Authentidate with Telehealth products and services. Paula is Certified Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia Care Training (CADDCT) and Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP), and volunteers as bilingual Community Educator for the Alzheimer's Association.

The concept of Sociavi evolved from her professional background as well as her strong commitment to family relations and lifetime connections. Thus SOCIAVI was born, meaning in Latin to “share” and “unite”, with the goal of keeping those aging in place and their families connected and closer together. Our specifically designed, touch screen communication device, the Sociavi C2M (Connect To Me), provides the users with a “small appliance”, that is simple to operate and easily integrates into their daily life. Simplicity is the Cornerstone of Sociavi: No Login, No Password, No Username, No Account Setup. Just a 13 inch screen hands free device simple to navigate along with an array of brain fitness activities that stimulate and soothe the mind. Paula and her company were awarded two patents from the USPTO in 2020 on the methods and devices for a Communication System for Use with Protected Persons. IEEE SIGHT Volunteer Graham C. Alig, Patent Agent, worked closely with Paula to achieve these goals. Paula is proud to give Peace of Mind to families and caregivers through our Sociavi C2M that allows families to connect with their Loved Ones Far, Near, Simply and Globally.

Amanda Deol, IEEE Member, SIGHT, IEEE SA PAR P2998 Special interfaces for the Blind;

Aman (Amanda) Deol Dhillon IEEE Member and Volunteer, is a Co-founder & SVP at Addteq where her leadership role and focus upon building a great company culture is to maximize positive impact in the wider community. Aman has spent the last 9 years engaging with companies of all shapes and sizes to address the challenges of collaboration and in particular, building great software. Her 5 years as a Clinical Electronic Health Record (EMR) Analyst for various hospitals, designing and building EMR applications has greatly informed her perspective. Recently, she was recognized and appointed as an Advisory Board Member for the Seton Hall University Stillman School of Business' Customer Experience program. Through IEEE SIGHT and the Digital Inclusion, Identity, Trust, and Agency (DIITA) programs, Amanda’s participation enables her to share her vast experience and strong humanitarian voice with others. From Aman’s own upbringing experience and inspired by her husband's humble upbringing they founded their own organization's impact brand Iris Foundation. Iris Foundation was established to help provide scholarships to students who are gifted enough to achieve – to become engineers – but who lack resources to pay school fees. She also enjoys being a Pledge 1% ambassador and supporter of Room 2 Read. When Aman's not working or speaking to clients and partners, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 7-year-old daughter, as well as cooking, and participating in Hot Yoga & Zumba.

“We have combined our Humanitarian inspiration, technical, and business skills to provide an important product Unstoppable ( an app for the visually impaired that provides accessibility to Atlassian Jira & Confluence ( Our product helps to promote inclusion, diversity, accommodation, accessibility.” – Amanda Deol.

Amanda Deol’s Statement about Addteq: As the company grows, the team continues to grow their impact. They dedicated May 5th, 2020 #GivingTuesdayNow being a #FORCEFORGOOD business, a new global day that celebrates generosity and unity in response to COVID-19. As a Pledge 1% member, Addteq has committed to leveraging our assets to have an impact, and now--more than ever--they are rallying their teams and partners to give back. The first thing Addteq did in response to the pandemic was providing our team the ability to work from home. Being a leader in the DevOps industry allowed us to easily implement the trends, like cloud hosting, to maximize collaboration amongst the entire global team.

More About Addteq

Addteq is a Platinum Atlassian Partner and maker of Unstoppable an app for the visually impaired that provides accessibility to Atlassian Jira & Confluence and Excellentable app that allows spreadsheets to be fully functional within Confluence. Our product offers flexible options for enabling collaboration in a private and secure manner for on-premise and cloud instances. With our product approach, our goal is to keep the world working during COVID-19 and beyond. Addteq looked at the market strategically and addressed some critical needs within the burgeoning Atlassian ecosystem. We built apps to heal the pain and ease customer frustration.

Thomas M. Willis, III PhD IEEE Member

Electromagnetic Compatibility Medical Devices & Communications

Thomas M. Willis III works in the area of microwave wireless communications at AT&T Laboratories in Middletown, NJ. He holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering specializing in electromagnetics from the University of Michigan. His areas of interest include propagation modeling and measurements, wireless communications reliability, interference, electromagnetic compatibility and RF exposure and safety.

Dr. Willis holds more than 250 United States Patents.

Dr. Willis is on the Board of the National Spectrum Management Association (NSMA), currently vice president of the Fixed Wireless Communications Coalition (FWCC), chairs the 6 GHz Interference Task Group at WinnForum and participates in the TIA TR-45 Working Group on Microwave Systems.

Giovanni Vannucci, PhD IEEE Member

Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineer, Bilingual Italian English. Dr. Vannucci works in the area of microwave wireless communications at AT&T Laboratories in Middletown, NJ.

Dr. Vannucci holds a PhD, MPhil from Columbia University in the City of New York in the field of Electrical Engineering, and an MS in Computer Science from Columbia University; Laurea, Physics from Universita di Pisa, and a degree in Physics from Scuola Normale Superiore.

Inventor, subject matter expert.

Dr. David Simon, MD Brief Bio. DMS Solutions Nov 2008 – Present: Consulting to the pharmaceutical industry, Bd of health, resp. re. Clinical trials, Pediatric trials, PEP planning; Medical/product EDUCATION for Pharmaceutical Reps., MDs and research staff in Industry, Univ. Hospital training for interns, residents re. Non Pharma-sponsored trials ie. Investigator Sponsored Trials).

Experience in Medical Affairs, Clinical Research phases 1 thru 4.

Post phase II or III discussion/presentations with MOHs. Clinical Plans, protocol writing, medical writing in multiple Therapeutic Areas. Bilingual.

Held various positions in Clinical Research Medical Affairs (1981-2008)

Solid industry experience in Med Affairs; CR&D US and Europe, in USA, EU, Switzerland, Israel and South Africa during 30+ years.

Exc. knowledge of Clinical Dossier submissions and negotiations with CPMP(EMEA), FDA and Swissmedic.

Held positions in J & J companies (Ortho Pharm., Cilag, Janssen), Lederle (Cyanamid), Wyeth (AHP). Recently consultant to Univ Hosp. Research depts. and Pfizer, International Mature Products Dept.

Exc. language skills (English, German, French) plus Negotiation and Management & Team Building skills.

Since 2009. Active CONSULTING business via DMS_Solutions Company. ONgoing CME credits, meetings.

Professor Meng Jiang, PhD is an assistant professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in the University of Notre Dame. His research fields include data mining, machine learning, and natural language processing. Specifically, he focuses on the tasks of information extraction, taxonomy construction, and knowledge discovery. He holds a role of principal investigator or co-investigator in three NSF projects on these tasks. Upon the support, he has published more than 100 peer-reviewed papers of these topics in top conferences and journals. The awards he received include best paper finalist in KDD 2014, best paper award in DLG 2020, and ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award in 2021.

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Professor Victor B. Lawrence, PhD IEEE Life Fellow, Distinguished Professor at Stevens Institute of Technology, Former Vice President, Bell Laboratories, Member National Academy of Engineering, National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductee, Fellow of IEEE and AT&T Bell Laboratories.

Irfan Lateef, PhD IEEE Senior Member is a dynamic technology leader who leverages technical strategy, innovative thinking, and business experience to create and sell transformative solutions in the telecom industry. Expert in evolving compute/network virtualization and wireless technologies directing multi-sized global teams to build new products and solutions for driving new revenues. Leverages trusted relationships with senior executives for driving pre-sales, solution architecture, and business development activities. A data networking and software professional, passionate about edge computing and its impact on life in the next decade, looking to drive a $20B market potential business. Irfan is bilingual and is engaged in a wide range of volunteer activities in the Community. Irfan will participate in the project, and will provide community outreach to schools, ambulance corps, engaging students, and other important stakeholders.

K. Nusrat Islam is currently a Ph.D. candidate in electrical engineering; she earned a master’s in electrical engineering from the University of New Mexico in 2017. She earned her bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronic engineering from Eastern University in Bangladesh in 2010. Nusrat Islam put in motion her plan to reboot the Albuquerque IEEE WIE group, and she was selected as the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 IEEE Albuquerque Affinity Group Chair. Her research interests include high-power microwaves, pulsed power, plasma science, relativistic electron beam dynamics, millimeter-wavelength, and terahertz frequencies. She has been involved with IEEE since her undergraduate days and has worked as a volunteer in many IEEE and Women in Engineering (WIE) events/conferences. She also served as a peer mentor and Lobo mentor in the school of engineering and the International Student Mentoring Program at the University of New Mexico, respectively. She is the recipient of the 2022 IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society Igor Alexeff Award as Outstanding Student in Plasma Science. She was also honored with the “IEEE outstanding graduate student” for outstanding academic performance in the year of 2019 Section's Awards Banquet Ceremony. Nusrat’s goal is to engage with women in engineering and contribute to the developmental processes that encourage more girls, women, and professionals and offer them opportunities in IEEE women in engineering (IEEE WIE) as well as achieve professional development at the student and professional levels.

Dr. Herbert Franz Jelinek lived for many years in Sydney, Australia but was born in Vienna, Austria. He loves snow skiing and sailing, as well as hiking and exploring new countries. Dr Jelinek received his B.Sc. (Hons.) degree in human genetics from the University of New South Wales, a Graduate Diploma in Neuroscience from the Australian National University, and his Ph.D. in Medicine from the University of Sydney.

Dr Jelinek is engaged in developing a neurofeedback laboratory that is investigating neurogognitive engineering solutions for physical and mental health. Associated research themes include diabetes and comorbidities such as diabetic retinopathy, cognitive decline, cardiovascular disease, postural stability utilising biosignal processing, image analysis and clinical biochemistry methodology.

Projects include: Effect of dual tasking in diabetes, obesity and following stroke on postural stability; Heart-Brain interaction in health and disease: Does the heart rule the brain or the brain rule the heart; Biofeedback and neurofeedback for anxiety, depression, PTSD and cognitive decline: Comparison to conventional treatment options. Development of a multisensor system for dynamic, real-time neurofeedback.

Dr. Raziq Yaqub earned a Ph.D. from Tokyo, Japan, in Wireless Communication Systems, and an MBA from New Jersey, USA in Marketing. He is an inventor of technologies in Cybersecurity, Wireless Communications, and Smart Grid, with 40+ issued patents. He has been an inductee of New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame, since 2014. He received an award of “Excellence in Scholarship and Research 2019” from the President of Alabama A&M University, Huntsville, an award of “Innovator Young Faculty”, and an award of “Outstanding Engineering Educator” from the Dean of the college, and an “Outstanding Engineer 2020” award from IEEE region-3.

He has 25 years of experience in industry, government, and academia in USA. Currently he is serving as an Associate Professor to lead Cybersecurity, Wireless Communication, and Smart Grid. He steered 4G/LTE research and standardization efforts as an Executive Director of Toshiba America Research, directed Cybersecurity training efforts as a Department Head of NIKSUN University, and led research and development team to develop wireless charger and media hubs for the automotive industry as a Director of Global R&D of Tecvox. He remained Sr. Consultant to the State of New Jersey to secure $87M grant for 4G/LTE deployment for first respondents, a spokesperson in 3GPP for the Department of Homeland Security, an invited Researcher in NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH to lead cybersecurity of aerial vehicles in 2019, and Artificial Intellgence based falut detection and prediction in 2021. He also remained an inventor for Wells Fargo, USA for cybersecurity of Fintech.

He served scientific community as a Chairman and a contributor in standards organizations such as MWIF, 3GPP, IEEE, WiMAX, and OMA, a lead member for ABET accreditation, Chair of Academic Standards Committee, Chair of IEEE Membership Development, Evaluator for technical papers, Ph.D. theses, patents and grant proposals, Vice Chair of IEEE Southeast Conference 2019, organizer of numerous global conferences, Invited/Keynote speaker, Panel Moderator/Resource Person in international events, and a Senior Member of IEEE. Gained cultural competence and social skills around diversity by living in different countries, serving in historically black university, and communicating in English, Japanese, Hindi, and Urdu.

Keith Thompson MD FCFP: Dr. Thompson is a London based family physician and graduate of the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at Western University in 1987 – completing his CCFP in 1989 and awarded Fellowship Canadian College Family Practice in 2005.

He is Adjunct Community Based Faculty Research Eligible Clinical Professor with the Dept. Family Medicine. He is Coinvestigator in 2 virtual care studies and clinical co-supervisor for a Mitacs accelerate grant within University of Western Ontario. He is active in his solo practice, interested in the innovation technologies relevant to primary care and its workflows. Dr. Thompson would describe his encounters with innovations as an “experience that has rekindled his passion for family medicine and patient centered care.”

He was one of the initial Canadian Physicians hired to consult with the Teladoc/BestDoctors Canada start-up team in February of 2018. Dr. Thompson was CMO for iTelemed starting in 2017 and recently stepped into the role of CMO for Nuralogix Corporation as of November 2021.

He maintains an active networking relationship and advisory role with numerous health technology companies as startups, Pharmaceutical Companies and is Medical Innovation Fellowship Medical Mentor for WORLDiscoveries at Univ Western Ontario.

He is a current working Group member for IEEE SA telehealth IC, Executive WG member World Congress of Family Doctors (WONCA) member of Association for Corporate Growth Toronto Chapter, member Digital Health Canada, member C.D. Howe Institute, Canadian Ambassador for UCSF Global online Biotech entrepreneurship course and member of the Primary Care Western Ontario OHT.

Keith Thompson MD FCFP


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