Why SensoSmart is so COOL

Can you imagine having surgery to implant an expensive device in your body or in your brain to control a prosthesis such as a manipulandum, but you can only control a limited number of degrees of freedom; and then a few months later a new and improved version comes out on the market?

Talk about buyer's remorse.

SensoSmart is about helping the Robot to become Smarter, so there is less dependence upon humans to control every aspect of the Robot. Once the Robot learns a few tricks, like how wide to open it's hand to grasp a bottle of water (grasp aperture) or decides whether the bottle is too heavy to pick up (payload), and the human selects a few Personalized settings, like how quickly or what path the Robot should take to move towards the bottle of water, tasks become easier. The Robot becomes more autonomous. Fewer individual commands are required to control the Robot. The Robot becomes Smarter. The Robot becomes easier to use.

Smartness can come from unexpected places. Any user or developer can come up with a way COOL solution, even borrowing a solution from another domain, for example -- databases containing consumer product information specific to that bottle of water, with size and weight of the bottle -- and someone else on the planet might benefit from that solution. Even a person with a different kind of Robot.

SensoSmart is all about sharing those solutions so that Robots do not loose their value as assistant devices... so that they are capable of being smaller, lither, affordable, and less invasive. More green. Able to use less energy to operate. Able to borrow sensors from other devices to inform their context and learn.

SensoSmart is exploring Personalized Hearing Assistants since they are a special kind of Robot and require less coordination on actuators. This allows SensoSmart to explore networked sensors and lay the groundwork for Robots with more actuators.

Our team includes people who have expertise in acoustics, signal processing, robotics, communications, rehabilitation, virtual reality, hearing loss, education, network analytics, watermarking and steganography, provisioning services to large numbers of people, and more. SensoSmart team also includes Robotics Researcher Experts, and Developers working simultaneously to design important architectures for robot actuators. We have advisers with expertise from Robotics Companies, network communications companies, a university specializing in hearing issues, people from industry with hearing loss, and more.

SensoSmart is all about preparing for a future where our Robot Assistants are capable of finding and sharing on the cloud, recommendations of the crowd, and updating themselves with helpful new features and functionality the way we update apps on our smartphone.

How COOL is that!