Computer Tips



When browsing the internet, you may find that you visit a site quite often. When this happens, you can set a bookmark in your browser to quickly re-visit the site without always typing its web address. Select your browser: Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer.

Increase the font size

Sometimes the size of the text on a webpage is too small to be easily read. You can increase the size in 1 step increments by holding the Ctrl while simultaneously tapping the + key. Note that you must hold down the Ctrl key while you tap the plus key. To reduce the size of the text, hold down the Ctrl while simultaneously tapping the - key. Most browsers will remember the expanded setting when you visit the web page again. You will love this one!

Full Screen

Full screen is a feature on all browsers that enables them to take up the entire screen. Great for small screens and making the most of your HD TV! To expand the browser to fill the screen and, at the same time remove the tabs and menus across the top... hit the F11 key. To have everything show again, hit the F11 key. Simple, yet effective!


To save or share something on your computer screen, the best way to do it is with a screenshot.

Once you have the screen presented the way you want for the screenshot:

  • Press the Print Screen button. This key is typically found in the upper right section of your keyboard. If you may have multiple windows open, to capture only the active window, hold down the Alt key while taping the Print Screen button. (The active window is the one whose title bar is brightest)
  • Go to the Windows Start menu and open up the Microsoft Paint program from the Programs list (look under Accessories).
  • Once Paint is open, right-click Paste and your screenshot will appear.
  • You can File > Save your image as a JPG file, in an easy-to-find location such as your desktop. You can then attach it to an email, embed it in a document

Home Page

Setting your Home Page in a browser is easy. Can't decide on just one page? No problem. You can set a group of websites as your home page.

Select your browser: Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer.


Does your browser all of a sudden start showing a Home Page which you have never seen before... and you can't get rid of it? You have been hijacked by a "Malware" program which wants to control where you start (and what you subsequently look at!) Select your browser: Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer.

Browser Cache

Caching refers to your browser's ability to store visited web pages on your hard drive. Caching is helpful because it allows a page to be accessed from your hard drive instead of from an Internet source. This can help you access pages more quickly. However, if your browser retrieves a page from its cache instead of the Internet source, the page displayed may not be the most recent version. It is important to periodically clear your browser's cache so your browser can retrieve an updated version of a page. It is especially important to clear your cache if you have received an error message and are trying to correct the error. Select your browser: Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer.


Tech Tips

This short video by David Krantz discusses short cuts that may simplify your dealings with computers and smart phones. The website TED is full of many useful "ideas worth sharing".