Ministry Team

The Ministry Team shares with the Rector in oversight of the worship and spiritual life of the congregation, and the pastoral care offered to its members. In particular, they share with the Rector in implementation of the Mission Action Plan.

For more information, see the Worship,  Learning & Discipleship, and Sunday School pages.

St Aidan. Detail of the Lectern, from which the
appointed passages of Scripture are read 
during worship

The Aumbry, from which the reserved Sacrament is taken to sick and homebound members of the congregation

M.A.P. Review

Our M.A.P. has been reviewed with the Bishop twice, in August 2013 and September 2014.

With Canon Tomlinson's appointment as Principal of the Scottish Episcopal Institute, Miss Jenny Whelan assumed the role of M.A.P. Facilitator in August 2014.

Our Mission Action Plan - 2012

Our Mission Action Plan (MAP), which forms part of the Diocesan Growth Strategy, was worked out in a meeting on 21st January 2012, of the Ministry Team with our Facilitator, the Rev. Canon Dr Anne Tomlinson, the Diocesan Ministry Development Officer and one of the principal architects of the Growth Strategy.

This commits us to seeking growth particularly in the areas of:
  • Worship, Prayer, and Spirituality
  • Learning and Discipleship
During the coming months the Ministry Team will be following up initiatives already begun as well as exploring new ways to encourage and nurture growth in the congregation.

The meeting on 21st January 2012 followed up work begun at the workshop on 23rd October 2010 (see below):

Vines, Vision and Vitality
A Day of Discernment

On 23rd October 2010, the Ministry Team and the Vestry met with the Diocesan Ministerial Development Officer, the Rev. Dr Anne Tomlinson, to discern a vision for St Aidan's during the coming years.

The first task, Considering the terroir, was to recognise the context in which we are located, and the challenges and opportunities this creates for our mission as a church.

The second task, Creating the vintage, involved beginning to develop a strategy, and building a framework within which initiatives for growth can be supported and nurtured.