The St Aidan's Lectures

In 2012 St Aidan's hosted the first in what has become an annual series of public lectures on a subject relevant to our faith but also of potential interest to a wider public. The Lectures are subsequently published in booklet form, and can be obtained from the church (see details below). In addition to the annual series, during 2013 St Aidan's sponsored a day conference to mark the bicentenary of David Livingstone's birth.

The 2020 lecture series began just as the pandemic struck, and the country entered "lockdown".

The St Aidan's Lectures 2020/22

Traces of Grace

Illustrating the Bible

The 2020 St Aidan's Lectures will be delivered by the Rev. Dr Donald Orr, tssf, originally scheduled for March, have been postponed until we are able to resume public activities.

Donald Orr is an accomplished artist and a published poet, and was an art teacher before his ordination. He was Rector of St John's, Johnstone, with St Margaret's, Renfrew, until his retirement in 2016. He is a member of the Third Order of the Society of St Francis.

As well as his degree in Art from Humberside University, Donald Orr holds degrees in Theology from the University of Glasgow. The title of his Ph.D. thesis is Into his Marvellous Light. This explores ways in which art speaks of God and gives expression to divine truth, while recognising that "Art is essentially about representing the unrepresentable."

These issues will explored also in the Lectures, with particular reference to Scripture, and illustrated with paintings, under the themes:

1. Imaging the Bible

2. The Parabolic Structure

3. Image and Power

4. Into the Light.

The St Aidan's Lectures 2019


The 2019 St Aidan's Lectures were delivered by Dr John Davies, Research Fellow in History in Glasgow University. An acknowledged authority on the history of Christianity in Scotland and Wales, Dr Davies teaches courses in both History and Theology and Religious Studies in the University, and has previously held posts in the Universities of Wales and Edinburgh. He is also engaged in cross-cultural historiography, and regularly participates in academic activities in several Indian universities and research institutes. He is a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society. In addition to his academic interests, Dr Davies is active in the life of the Scottish Episcopal Church. He is Convenor of the Liturgy Committee and a member of the Faith and Order Board, and is engaged in pan-Anglican and ecumenical consultation on issues relating to Christian worship.

The St Aidan's Lectures 2018


(Thomas Traherne)

Reflections on Four Poets and Religion

The St Aidan's Lectures for 2018 have been delivered by the Reverend Professor David Jasper FRSE, Canon Theologian of St Mary's Cathedral, Glasgow. Until his retirement he was Professor of Literature and Theology in the University of Glasgow.

Professor Jasper studied English at Jesus College, Cambridge, and Theology at Keble College, Oxford, and trained for the ministry at St Stephen's House, Oxford. After a Curacy in the Diocese of Oxford, he became Chaplain to Hatfield College, Durham, where he completed his Ph.D. He founded the Centre for the Study of Literature and Theology in Durham, and served as Principal of St Chad's College. The Centre moved to Glasgow in 1992, and Dr Jasper joined the Faculty of Divinity, of which he served for a time as Dean. He is a Doctor of Divinity of Oxford University, and also holds an honorary doctorate from the University of Uppsala in Sweden. Professor Jasper is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and of the Royal Society for the Arts. He holds honorary Professorships in Renmin University of China in Beijing and in York St John University. He serves as a Priest in St Mary's, Hamilton, with St Andrew's, Uddingston. He convenes the Doctrine Committee of the Scottish Episcopal Church, and serves also on the Liturgy Committee and the Faith and Order Board.

Professor Jasper is the author of numerous books, most recently The Language of Liturgy. Previous books include The Sacred Body,The Sacred Desert, and The Sacred Community; The Study of Literature and Religion, and Rhetoric, Power, and Community.

The St Aidan's Lectures offer reflections on the work of four English poets:

1. Thomas Hardy

2. Thomas Traherne

3. Philip Sidney

4. Geoffrey Hill

ISBN: 978-1-872170-18-3

54 pages, paperback

The St Aidan's Lectures 2017


The St Aidan's Lectures for 2017 were delivered by the Rev. Canon Dr Scott Robertson, Rector of St Margaret's, Newlands, Honorary Lecturer in Theology & Religious Studies in the University of Glasgow, and Associate Tutor in the Scottish Episcopal Institute.

Scott Robertson studied Theology at Coates Hall and New College, Edinburgh. He pursued further studies in English Literature before obtaining his doctorate from the University of Glasgow. He has published Henry Fielding: Literary and Theological Misplacement (2010), and a number of articles in journals and periodicals. He is an adviser on religious broadcasting to the BBC in Scotland. He is a longstanding member of the General Synod and the Faith and Order Board of the Scottish Episcopal Church. He has been a Canon of St Mary's Cathedral, Glasgow, since 2012.

1. The Nature of the Problem

2.The Source of all our Troubles: Original Sin and its Consequences

3. Sin and Suffering

4. Living in Sin: Religion and Human Frailty

ISBN: 978-1-872170-6

47 pages, paperback

A review of this booklet in the Scottish Episcopal Institute Journal may be found here.

The St Aidan's Lectures 2016

Science and Religion : Where Now?

The 2016 St Aidan's Lectures were delivered on Saturday, 23rd April, by the Rev. Canon Dr Michael Fuller, Teaching Fellow in Science and Religion in the School of Divinity, New College, Edinburgh. The topic of the Lectures will be Science and Religion: Where Now?

Michael Fuller read Chemistry at Oxford, and completed doctoral research in this area before reading Theology and training for the ministry in Cambridge. Before taking up his present post he was Pantonian Professor and Director of the Theological Institute of the Scottish Episcopal Church. He chairs the UK Science and Religion Forum, and is a Vice President of the European Society for the Study of Science and Theology.

ISBN 978-1-872170-16-9

(28 pages, paperback)

The St Aidan's Lectures 2015

The Futures of Worship

Ian Paton

Rector of Old St Paul's, Edinburgh

The published version is now available.

ISBN 978-1-872170-15-2

(17 pages, paperback)

The St Aidan's Lectures 2014

Episcopacy and Scottish Identity since 1689

Dr Alasdair Raffe

University of Edinburgh

Dr Eleanor Harris

University of the West of Scotland

In the run-up to the referendum on Scottish independence, the 2014 lectures explored the role of the Episcopal Church during the period following the final establishment of presbyterian polity in the Church of Scotland.

ISBN 978-1-972170-14-5

(35 pages, paperback)


1. Episcopacy and the Stuart Monarchy Alasdair Raffe

2. Episcopacy and Religious Identity Alasdair Raffe

3. Episcopacy and Scottish Romantic Identity in the Nineteenth

Century Eleanor Harris

4. Episcopalianism and Scottish Global Identity Eleanor Harris



This special issue publishes the proceedings of a conference held on 13th April 2013.

Keynote speaker: the Rev. John Kafwanka, Director for Mission in the Anglican Communion Office (left), and formerly Principal of St John's College, a constituent member of the Mindola Ecumenical Foundation in Kitwe, Zambia.

Respondent: the Very Reverend John Miller, former Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland (right).

In addition to the papers presented at the conference, a complementary paper from a south Asian perspective has been contributed by the Rev. Dr Anderson Jeremiah (left), Lecturer in World Christianity in the University of Lancaster, and a presbyter of the Church of South India who has served in the Scottish Episcopal Church.

“Many Scots have been at the forefront of the struggle for justice and respect for humanity, particularly in Africa, and of course David Livingstone is the greatest of all the Scottish figures in these endeavours.” - Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Published by the Scottish Episcopal Church, Diocese of Glasgow & Galloway

ISBN 978-1-872170-13-8

(32 pages, paperback)


1. Introduction Nicholas Taylor

2. David Livingstone: Mission and Ecumenism Today John Kafwanka

3. Mission-Shaped Ecumenism Anderson H M Jeremiah

4. The Livingstone Anniversary: Some Reflections John Miller

The St Aidan's Lectures 2013

What can we know about Jesus?


The Rector of St Aidan's, Dr Nicholas Taylor, presented a series exploring our knowledge of Jesus as a figure of human history.

ISBN 978-1-872170-12-1

(45 pages, paperback)


1. Jesus as an historical Person: The Sources

2. The Teaching of Jesus

3. The Miraculous in the Life and Ministry of Jesus

4. The Death & Resurrection of Jesus

The St Aidan's Lectures 2012

The Scottish Reformation

An Episcopalian Perspective


Rector of the South Ayrshire Team Ministry

ISBN: 978-1-872170-11-4

(45 pages, paperback)


1. The Eve of the Reformation

2. "The Pollution and Plague of Anglican Impiety"

3. Prelates, Prayer Books, Persecution and Piskies


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