Learning & Discipleship

One of the "strands" of the diocesan "growth strategy" to which St Aidan's is committed in its mission action plan (MAP) is Learning and Discipleship. This page will provide information on activities in St Aidan's, and more widely in the Diocese and ecumenically, as well as links to resources to assist members and visitors to this site in their Christian learning and discipleship.

There are within St Aidan's a number of groups and activities which are particularly relevant to our quest for growth in learning and discipleship. There is a House Group which has been meeting regularly for several decades, praying together and reflecting on the readings appointed for each week. A more recently formed Discussion Group has been meeting to discuss a variety of issues of concern and interest. Arising from this, an annual series of public lectures has been initiated, which have attracted a wide audience, and led to the publication of the lectures in a booklet.

These much-valued groups ceased to be able to meet when restrictions were imposed on account of the pandemic. We look forward to a time when we will be able to resume more of our activities, including our commitment to Christian learning.

LENT 2022

We are using material published by Embrace the Middle East, entitled Days to Lament. Material may be obtained by registering on the Embrace website for weekly e-mails. Printed booklets are also obtainable from the Rector.

A group meets in the Choir Vestry after the 10.30 Eucharist on Wednesday mornings, to which all are welcome.

On Wednesday mornings, at 11 am, we will be hosting a programme entitled “Faith in a Changing Climate”, offered by the United Society for the Proclamation of the Gospel (USPG). The booklet may be downloaded at https://www.uspg.org.uk/docstore/175.pdf, and printed booklets will also be available.

Advent 2019

Bethlehem in Scripture and Today

There will be a course of four study sessions, each held in the Choir Vestry on Wednesday mornings, from 27 November to 18 December. Each will begin at 11 am, following the Eucharist in the Church at 10 am, and coffee in the Choir Vestry. All are welcome, and are free to join in the Eucharist as convenient, or to join in refreshments before the study begins.

The programme will also be offered at the Overlee Pub & Restaurant, 14 Busby Road, Clarkston, on Monday evenings from 19.45 to 21.00, starting on 2 December.

Material may be downloaded here.

Lent 2019

Study material may be downloaded here.

Advent Course 2018

Advent Devotions - Bethlehem Bible College

During Advent we followed a course of readings and reflections prepared by staff of Bethlehem Bible College in Palestine.

The material may be downloaded here.

Lent Course 2018

The Lent programme for this year will be shared with St Oswald's, King's Park. Sessions will take place in the Choir Vestry at St Aidan's on Monday evenings from 19.00, beginning on 19th February. We will use material prepared by Embrace the Middle East, entitled Making All Things New. Anyone unable to attend will of course be able to download the material to use privately.

All are welcome.

Bible Reading Fellowship

Several members of the congregation have for many years used the Bible Study notes issued by the Bible Reading Fellowship. A group subscription is managed by a member of the congregation, who attends also to distribution when the notes are received. Others are always welcome to join this group.


Discussion Group

Over the years a Discussion Group has met to share thoughts and experience on topics of interest and concern. This began as an open forum, during which subjects for discussion were identified, and programmes devised. Topics have included various aspects of Christian belief, issues in Christian life in the world, the relationship between science and religion, and Bible Study programmes led by the Rector, the notes from which remain available at the foot of this page. A direct consequence of these discussions was the introduction of an annual series of public lectures in 2012, known as the St Aidan's Lectures, which have attracted an audience not only from our own congregation and our neighbours, but from further afield.

The St Aidan's Lectures

For information on the St Aidan's Lectures see Lectures page.


There is a small Library on the church premises, with a variety of books available to borrow. This is to be found in the area outside the Rector's Vestry. The stock is updated as opportunity arises, and suggestions for new acquisitions are welcome. The Librarian, Mrs Grace Nevin, will be pleased to assist with any enquiries.

Enquiries: Mrs Grace Nevin: 0141 6331942.

Diocesan Resources and Activities

The diocesan Learning and Discipleship Development Team arranges a variety of programmesthrough the year. Details appear on the diocesan website.

A joint initiative of the Diocese and the Theology unit in the University of Glasgow is the Church & Academy Seminar. This meets, usually at 5.30 pm on the last Thursday of the month during university terms, to hear and discuss a paper on a relevant topic. Clergy and laity alike are welcome to attend; further information can be found here.

Provincial Resources

The Doctrine Committee of the Scottish Episcopal Church produces booklets, known as Grosvenor Essays, on themes of topical and continuing theological importance. These can be downloaded here.

Since 2017 the Scottish Episcopal Institute has published quarterly an on-line accredited periodical, the Scottish Episcopal Institute Journal. It is free to download, and all issues can be found here.

The Scottish Episcopal Institute, and its Director of Studies, the Rev. Dr Michael Hull, offer on-line courses from time to time. These are not for credit or assessment, and anyone interested is welcome to register. Details of the Lent 2022 course on Episcopalians and their Ethics can be found here.