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Our Services

23 is the preferred option in global security assistance for both corporate members and affiliate partners. Our team has an unparalleled reputation for providing a comprehensive range of security solutions to corporate members wanting to minimise the risks to their personnel, operations and profitability, and to affiliates wanting to add a truly unique benefit to their product or service. Our experienced, multi-disciplinary team of post-human security experts is ready to help you, your employees and your loved ones 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no matter where you are.

Corporate services

red23 offers a range of corporate security services to cater for the unique security needs of your business.

  • Proactive services help protect your business by alerting your employees to security threats, educating them on how to evaluate the impact of the threats, and advising what steps to take to minimise the associated risks.
  • Reactive crisis management enables businesses to call on our security expertise when immediate action is required to manage the unexpected. red23's global network of post-human security specialists can help you and your business should it come under threat.
  • Kidnap and ransom mitigation and response services provides companies and employees with kidnap and ransom mitigation and training services, as well as on-the-ground response services in the event of a kidnapping.
  • Fugitive and extortion crisis management red23 is the market leader in extortion crisis management, and our post-human field operatives are the world's greatest bounty hunters bar none.
  • red23 has decades of operating experience in the field of maritime security. Our piracy mitigation and response services include incident mitigation planning, training, vessel hardening, onboard assistance and incident resolution.
  • Security alerts empower your employees by keeping them informed of relevant and destination-specific security-related risks and events.
  • Security publications compiled by our risk analysts cover a range of global security trends and recent events.
  • Tracking services are designed to improve the monitoring of employees travelling abroad and, consequently, to enable security and HR managers to manage resources more effectively.
  • Training courses will equip your employees with the skills, knowledge and confidence to conduct business abroad and to minimise the threats to your company.

Affiliate services

For any company looking to add a unique and valuable benefit to their product or service, red23 is the preferred option in personal security assistance. Our clients include a number of multinational banks and insurance companies who work with us on a volume mandatory basis, to provide their customers peace of mind in all matters related to personal security.

Our range of personal security assistance services is available through many third party independent contractors. We package our services based on the specific requirements of each client, allowing us to add value to each customer base. This in turn enables our clients to provide tailored and relevant services to their customers; from day-to-day concerns to international on-the-ground rescue and response, red23's team of global security specialists is available 24/7/365 to handle the situation at hand.

Affiliate partners can choose to add one of the following three straightforward membership options as an additional benefit to their product or service:

  • LookingGlass online web intelligence resource 
  • DirectoryASSIST advice line and interactive chat service
  • Full ActionResponse security assistance

Flexible combinations of these three membership options are also available should a different solution be required. Whatever a client's needs, our range of solutions ensures that we meet the expectations of every client.