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Use With Web Applications

You can use this extension with web applications. Web applications use web resources to perform a computational task. Web applications offer a great deal of flexibility, but you should be aware of privacy, reliability and security issues when using the web to store or process your content. Be aware that web application service providers can stop providing the service, or put limits on its use. 
The OpenOffice.org application will make a connection with the web if you:
  • Set the Read Text Extension dialog to use a web application,
  • Click the Get On-line Help button in Read Text Extension's About... dialog, or
  • Use Tools > Extension Manager > Check for Updates...
If your computer is a little slow, I recommend you launch a browser and check your Internet connection before you use a web application, otherwise it can take a moment for the browser to launch and for the page to display. I also recommend you use an up-to-date standards compliant browser. The web applications shown by default in the dialogue box are free of cost and use a published application programming interface. This page tells you about some web applications you might want to try by copying and pasting a URL into the dialogue box. For some of these, you might experience slow or intermittent response if a free server is getting a lot of use. Some free web applications also limit the number of times you can access the service in a day. 
Dialog - Windows
You can use OpenOffice.org with your system's default Web Browser for translation and text-to-speech.
However, if your system's main Web Browser is not compliant with web standards, the Web Applications may look better and work better if you install a different browser. In Windows 7, after you have installed your choice of browser, hit the Windows Key and type Default Programs in the Search bar to set up the default browser used by the system. With Ubuntu, use System > Preferences > Preferred Applications. For Apple OSX, read this article from the Apple Knowledge base
Web based applications give you a lot of flexibility. If you need a different language or a very reliable and secure speech application, you can set up a local network speech server or use a commercial web based speech service. Generally, you can use any application that accepts a uniform resource location (URL) with program parameters following a question mark.

Use a web application

You can cut and paste the examples below into the Use a web application combo box in the Extension dialog. The (LANGUAGE_CODE) is a code for the language - en for English, es for Spanish, fr for French etc. The (OOO_WEBTEXTBIG) is an URL encoded string of up to 9999 characters of the selected text. The (OOO_WEBTEXT) is an URL encoded string of up to 999 characters of selected text. The (OOO_WEBTEXTSMALL) is a URL encoded string of up to 99 characters of the selected text. 

VozMe Text to Speech

VozMe uses the Festival Speech Engine to deliver speech in Catalan, English, Spanish, Hindi, Italian and Portuguese. The site includes instructions to create bookmarklets and embedded text to speech players.
  • http://vozme.com/text2voice.php?lang=ca&bookmarklet=1&gn=ml&interface=full&default_language=ca&text=(OOO_WEBTEXT)
  • http://vozme.com/text2voice.php?lang=en&bookmarklet=1&gn=ml&interface=full&default_language=en&text=(OOO_WEBTEXT)
  • http://vozme.com/text2voice.php?lang=en&bookmarklet=1&gn=ml&interface=full&default_language=en&text=(OOO_WEBTEXTBIG)
  • http://vozme.com/text2voice.php?lang=es&bookmarklet=1&gn=ml&interface=full&default_language=es&text=(OOO_WEBTEXT)
  • http://vozme.com/text2voice.php?lang=hi&bookmarklet=1&gn=ml&interface=full&default_language=hi&text=(OOO_WEBTEXT)
  • http://vozme.com/text2voice.php?lang=it&bookmarklet=1&gn=ml&interface=full&default_language=it&text=(OOO_WEBTEXT)
  • http://vozme.com/text2voice.php?lang=pt&bookmarklet=1&gn=ml&interface=full&default_language=pt&text=(OOO_WEBTEXT)
Try it.

Google Search

Google Search is a comprehensive search engine of publicly available web resources. The results show a brief summary of the contents of each resource to help evaluate its relevance.
  • http://www.google.com//search?hl=(LANGUAGE_CODE)&q=(OOO_WEBTEXTSMALL)
Try it.
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This will open your computer's default mail program. Some programs are not able to accept long strings as arguments.
  • mailto:?subject=Read%20text%20from%20extensions.openoffice.org&body=(OOO_WEBTEXT)
Try it.

Local HTML file

You can experiment with javascript programming using a html file on your computer. This page tells you how to use URL arguments with javascript. If you are using Internet Explorer with Windows, you might need to use the mark of the web.
  • file:///home/ubuntu/test.htm?lang=(LANGUAGE_CODE)&text=(OOO_WEBTEXT) 

Google mail

If you are logged in to Google mail, this opens a web page with the selected content in the body of the mail application.
  • https://mail.google.com/mail/?view=cm&fs=1&tf=0&to=hubai.a1e441@m.evernote.com&body=(OOO_WEBTEXT) 
Try it.
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Google Chart API (QR Code)

QR Code uses square patterns to encode characters in an image. You can publish QR Codes or display them on your computer screen to instantly transfer links, addresses, phone numbers or notes to a mobile device with a camera and a QR Code reader application. Read Text Extension 0.7.4 includes a link to a web application that can create QR Codes. 
  • Tools > Add-ons > Read selection...
  • Choose Use a web application
  • In the combo box, choose http://chart.apis.google.com/chart?chs=350x350&cht=qr&chl=(OOO_WEBTEXT)
  • If you want a smaller chart size, edit chs=350x350 so that it uses smaller numbers like chs=150x150
  • Click OK
To analyse QR and other coded images on your computer, try the on-line XZing decoder.
To decode images on a mobile device, you may need to download or enable a special application. it is best if you can use an application that decodes the image right on the device, because you do not need an Internet connection to read the codes. If you are using a Linux or Java powered mobile phone, look in your app repository for a reader that uses Zxing, which can decode QR and other codes without communicating with a server. If you are using an iPod or iPhone, Barcodes Scanner by Romain Pechayre is a free application can decode QR Codes without communicating with a server. Barcodes Scanner also lets you manage your scanned text history and copy scanned text to the clipboard. For Android users, the ZXing Barcode Scanner application does a great job of reading QR codes.  
There are a number of mobile applications that can read QR and other codes like i-nigma, Quickmark, Scan and Semacode.  Pic2Shop can read a variety of barcodes, but not QR Codes. TagReader can read Microsoft Tags, but no other codes. If your mobile device has the option to turn off connectivity (Airplane mode), you can test whether the application requires access to a server to work on your mobile device.
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“QR Code” is registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED in the following countries: Japan, United States of America, Australia and Europe.

Google Definitions

Define selected text using Google definitions.

  • Tools > Add-ons > Read selection...
  • Choose Use a web application
  • In the combo box, enter http://www.google.com/search?hl=(SELECTION_LANGUAGE_CODE)&defl=(SELECTION_LANGUAGE_CODE)&q=define:(OOO_WEBTEXTSMALL)
  • Click OK
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Create a custom web application to send SMS messages, faxes, blog posts or news feeds.