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How do I get it to work?

posted 15 Apr 2016, 10:08 by James Holgate   [ updated 15 Apr 2016, 10:38 ]

Sorry for the delay, Anonymous...

how do I get it to work?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 12 March, 2016 - 14:09

I downloaded the extension and it appears in my extension manager, but I can't find it anywhere when I have a document open. There is no 'add ons' in my 'tools' menu. There is just nothing new anywhere.

Generally, questions of this sort should include your platform, language, version and application name as shown in the About dialogue.

OSX (fr-FR)
Apache OpenOffice 4.1.2
AOO412m3(Build:9782)  -  Rev. 1709696
2015-10-21 09:36:46 (Wed, 21 Oct 2015)

Simple fixes

Try shutting off your computer and restarting it. It often solves minor glitches. If you tried installing an extension by double clicking it in the downloads folder, try uninstalling it, then installing it using the application's Tools - Extension Manager... menu.

Is the extension the right version?

There are two current releases of the extension; an oddly numbered one for the most recent version of OpenOffice, and an evenly numbered one for legacy versions and most forks. You might have a version that is not compatible with your installation. Try the next older version of Read Text Extension than the one you currently have installed.

Is your setup okay?

If you have updated your office suite, it is possible that the migration tools failed to migrate all the settings correctly. You might need to delete the local or global settings files and let your office suite reconstruct them as if it were running for the first time. Use the application's Tools - Options - Paths to view the to view the actual settings paths. Deleting the local settings will delete the file history, so you will need to reinstall any custom templates and extensions.

  • Linux (Specific directory varies) : $HOME/.config/%PRODUCTNAME
  • OSX : $HOME/Application Support/%PRODUCTNAME
  • Windows (Specific directory varies) : $APPDATA\%PRODUCTNAME

You can also check if local settings are the problem by trying to install the extension as a different user. If the other user's installation has no problem, then there is something that is not right with your local settings.

If you are using a school or library computer, it is possible that the technical staff installed a restricted version of the office suite that does not support this extension. As well, local security settings might be preventing any extensions from running.  A python based speech extension might work for you.

It might help to delete and reinstall the application, if all else fails.