About me


My research focuses on understanding how people cope with difficult health-related situations. Interviews, discussions and observations help me to learn what helps or hinders peoples’ ability to cope.

As a researcher, I build theory and share my knowledge with fellow academics. As a practitioner, I make sure that my research has practical application in the real world for practising health psychologists as well as policy-makers.

As a teacher, I share my learning from academia and practice (I used to practice in the NHS) to ensure that tomorrow’s health psychologists whom I am training are informed about evidence-based practice. 

You can find out more about my work by clicking on the links at the side of this page. In my spare time, I take to the hills, where I love to walk and bivvy. 

The best way to get hold of me is to email me: Karen.Rodham@staffs.ac.uk

My ORCID ID is: 0000-0002-5377-1998

My Twitter is @ProfRodham