I am an Economist of the IMF Research Department’s Macro-Financial Division and member of the Money & Finance Research (MoFiR). My research focuses on financial intermediation, banking, development finance, and sovereign debt. I am associate editor of Economia (LACEA) and the Journal of Financial Stability

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Monetary Policy and Bank Lending in Developing Countries: Loan Applications, Rates, and Real Effects (with C. Abuka, R. Alinda, C. Minoiu and J.L. Peydro), Journal of Development Economics, 139: 185-202

Negative Monetary Policy Rates and Portfolio Rebalancing: Evidence from Credit Register Data (with M. Bottero, C. Minoiu, JL Peydro, A. Polo and E. Sette), March 2019 (Slides, 2019 NBER SI)

Commodity prices and bank lending (with I. Agarwal ad R. Duttagupta), Economic Inquiry, forthcoming

Financial Access Under the Microscope (with S. Agarwal, T. Kigabo, C. Minoiu and A. Silva), new draft, June 2019

Mobilization effects of multilateral development banks (with C. Broccolini, G. Lotti, A. Maffioli and R. Stucchi), revision requested, World Bank Economic Review, new draft, August 2019

The Motives to Borrow (with A. Fatas, A. Ghosh and U. Panizza), May 2019