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 I am your child's math teacher and I am looking forward to an extremely rewarding school year.  This website was written for you parents (or those acting in a parental role).  It is an honor and privilege to work with your child.  You are the number one teacher in your child's life and have the most influence on your child's learning. Although you may not be expert at math (don't worry, that's my job), you can be an excellent facilitator by reading and familiarizing yourself with this website.  I look forward to working with you.  You are probably wondering what is in store for your child mathematically, so let me explain to you what to expect.

Math Education Goals. The priority is to ensure that all students have a firm conceptual understanding that supports problem solving and procedural fluency.  Students will learn the Mathematical Practices (MP) through a balanced approach that emphasizes flexibility in their reasoning (MP#2), ability to explain using precise math vocabulary (MP#3 & #6), using appropriate tools and models (MP#4 & #5),  and generating general methods or shortcuts (MP#7 & #8), The most important Mathematical Practice is #1 - Perseverance as this is the heart of what it takes to be successful in any endeavor, but especially in math. Students will use a variety of assessments including formative, summative, performance tasks, and perhaps most important, self-assessment for metacognition as brain research has shown us how important this is in reaching our goals.

College & Career Preparation.  An equally important priority is to prepare all students for their college and career pathways (www.AVID.org).  The Common Core State Standards are designed to help all students better achieve their potential by using an evidence based approach that emphasizes reasoning over teacher authority.  In other words, the goal is for students to reach their potential by being able to answer the question, "When am I ever going to use this?" (www.achievethecore.org/about-us).

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