Welcome to https://sites.google.com/site/pgmsdemarco/. I am your child's math teacher and I am looking forward to an extremely rewarding school year. This website was written for you parents (or those acting in a parental role). It is an honor and privilege to work with your child. You are the number one teacher in your child's life and have the most influence on your child's learning. Although you may not be expert at math (don't worry, that's my job), you can be an excellent facilitator by reading and familiarizing yourself with this website. I look forward to working with you. You are probably wondering what is in store for your child mathematically, so let me explain to you what to expect.

Purpose of this website. The number one purpose of this website is to save on paper! My goal is to printout one paper per student to avoid the waste inherent in providing a syllabus to everyone. So this site is a convenient place for information regarding my classroom for parents, teachers, administrators, and myself. I hope you find it useful. I usually only update it once or twice a year--typically in the summer and the fall. So what you are seeing here is a reflection of the previous year and my hopes for the upcoming year. For more frequent updated information, please join Google Classroom. Your code is:_______________(student, please write this in.)

Movie Permission Slip. Once again, to save paper, I'm including the Movie Permission Slip here: Several videos are shown throughout the year relating to the Math curriculum. These may include, but are not limited to The Martian, Apollo XIII, The Story of One, Contact, and various MathNet and Square One Video Juke Box videos. Please initial here ______, if you do NOT give permission for your child to watch these videos.

Parent Homework Assignment. Yes, your first homework assignment is to purchase math materials and then sign off on a binder check! This is being passed out to your child the week of class and is due the following Monday so you can go shopping this weekend.;-)

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