Aristotle: Περὶ τὰ ζῷα ἱστορίαι – History of Animals


Copyright Note: This content has been adapted from the web edition published by the University of Adelaide at eBooks@Adelaide, based on Thompson’s 1910 translation (now in the public domain). The material has been made available by the publisher under an attribution/non-commercial/share alike Creative Commons licence.
   The published text has been modified here by the addition of the Bekker numbers and by re-arranging some text (see below for relevant details).

The number and order of the books of the HA has long been a matter of dispute. The Peck and Balme Loeb volumes use a slightly different order from Thompson's and include the probably spurious Book X. The table below shows the differences.

 Thompson   Peck/Balme  Bekker    Links
 I  I  486a – 497b    Book I
 II  II  497b – 509a    Book II
 III  III  509a – 523a    Book III
 IV  IV  523a – 538b    Book IV
 V  V  538b – 558b    Book V
 VI  VI  558b – 581a    Book VI
 VII IX 581a – 588a  Book VII
 VIII VII 588a – 608a  Book VIII
 IX VIII 608a – 633b  Book IX
  X 633b – 638b  

Loeb translation (not in the public domain):

Aristotle, trans. Peck and Balme (1965–1991) History of Animals (3 vols). Cambridge, Mass; London: Harvard University Press; Heinemann. —Vols. 1 (Books I–III) 1965 and 2 (IV–VI) 1970, trans. A.L. Peck. Vol. 3 (VII–X) 1991, ed. and trans. by D.M. Balme; prepared for publication by A. Gotthelf.