Related Authors & Texts

The subject-matter of the paradoxographical texts was derived from other, more substantial, literature; it continued to be of interest to the authors of works of natural and human history and to the creators of selections, epitomes, reference works etc. A great deal of the material covered by the paradoxographers is to be found in other surviving texts of antiquity and beyond. At some times—when, for instance, such lies in the literary and scientific traditions from which the paradoxographers drew their material (e.g. Aristotle's or Pliny's natural histories)—there is a very substantial amount of shared material; at others, a mere handful of references or citations are shared.

While all of the cross-references identified by Giannini will be noted and the text provided where possible, these pages of the site are intended to point to works where there is a significant overlap with the material—though hardly the approach—of paradoxography. In many cases, existing and more-or-less user-friendly open-access translations are available; where this is the case, details of the texts will be provided with links to the relevant external sites. 

In other cases, open-access translations may be available but are not in a suitable format for reference or browsing: thus, for example, the freely available version of Aristotle's History of Animals does not have the internal order and section numbering system now most commonly in use. Or the only public-domain version of an important text may be in the form of a scanned PDF to which it is impossible to provide accurate links for reference. In such cases, where the effort seems warranted, I aim to adapt the available material and present the modified text in full on this site.

In a few cases, there is a Latin translation of Greek works for which there is no available English translations: such texts are marked with an asterisk * in the header and on the navigation tags. Eventually, it may be possible to add translations into other modern languages, where available.

Note on copyright: Most of the material used on this site apart from my own original work is in the public domain or has been made freely available through a Creative Commons licence or otherwise. Wherever I make use of material provided by others, I make this clear by acknowledging it in my text (with copyright and licensing details, where applicable) and by appending the logo of the source as a prominent visual reminder. Links to the original material are always given to facilitate direct access to the source. Wherever there is any ambiguity about re-use of material, I will request permission from the owner / publisher. If, however, you find that your material has been referenced or used here in a manner to which you object, please let me know.