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This section provides cross-references for the individual persons (historical and mythical) and peoples mentioned in the paradoxographical texts. Names will be generally be listed under the English form derived from the Latinized equivalent of the Greek, as these forms are found more commonly than transliterations from the Greek, especially in the older literature which constitutes the bulk of material linked to from this site. 

Where a text refers to a collective group, e.g. Athenians or Atarantes, the text will also be indexed under the appropriate place (Athens, Libya) even if the latter is not mentioned explicitly.

There does not appear to be any recent free-to-view online general reference resource available; however, Smith's 1848 Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology remains an informative and comprehensive resource for individual persons, while his Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography includes entries on peoples, such as tribes, that are not associated with specific population centres. Both are available online at the Perseus Project.  

For readers of German, the Pauly–Wissowa Realencyclopädie is gradually being put online as part of the Wikisource project; however, while it remains incomplete, the links for the entries in this section will be to the resources mentioned above