Image credit: Title and opening lines of Antigonus from Codex Palatinus Graecus 398.

This is where the translated paradoxographical texts can be found. My translations are based primarily on Giannini’s 1964 critical edition of the texts, which include his cross-references to other related works. They are functional rather than elegant, and accuracy will be privileged over literary aesthetics. Existing public-domain translations such as that of Ps-Aristotle MA will be checked against Giannini and amended where necessary.

Subpage Listing

Two different sorts of cross-reference will be provided. Firstly, where open-access versions of the texts cross-referenced by Giannini exist, I will link to the relevant resources and also quote the referenced passages in this site. These links and quotations appear on sub-pages of the paradoxographical text.

Secondly, there are cross-references via in-text links to places, people, animals, plants, etc mentioned in the text: these link to pages in the appropriate section of the site, accessible via the navigation links to the left and top.