Please make sure you enter "Trail Creek Drive" in your GPS to get directions to the entrance of the trailer park, Pinewood Estates Mobile Home Park.

Example GPS Entry: Trail Creek Drive, Athens, GA

If you get lost, you may call 706-714-6624.

Please note: your GPS will not bring you directly to where the center is located. Our center is located at lot F-8 within Pinewood Estates.

  • Upon arriving at the entrance, follow the Oasis sign.
  • Once you reach the fork in the road, you will see a library sign. Go the opposite direction that the library sign is pointing, aka turn left. The community library is not in the same location as Oasis.
  • Continue following the road until you see a white cinder-block building with a big F-8 on the wall, and two white trailers on your right, across from the pond. The large white building is the main building for Oasis. Please do not hesitate to call us with any concerns. Thank you!

Don't own a car? Can't tutor because you can't drive to Oasis? No problem!

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Click Here for directions from S. Lumpkin Street by MLC

The following map displays how to find Oasis within Pinewood Estates Community, after you turn onto Trail Creek Drive:

From Atlanta Airport:

Please click this link for detailed instructions and to see the displayed map. Safe travels.