Expectations & Materials

Tutor Expectations

ATTENDANCE: Tutors are asked to commit to one day a week for the entire semester. Please be consistent; your students will expect you and appreciate your regular routine! We understand that things come up occasionally, so if you will be absent, please submit an Absentee Report to let us know in advance.

GRADE LEVELS & FLEXIBILITY: At the beginning of the semester, tutors choose a particular grade (Pre-K through 5th) for which they feel best suited; however, please be flexible enough to go where you're needed. One or two tutors sit at each table, depending on the number of tutors present. There are four children at each table. The goal is to have just two children to work with; unfortunately at times there are not enough tutors, so expect to tutor more than two children some days and invite your friends to come tutor with you!

CREATIVITY & LEARNING: During tutoring, tutors are strongly encouraged to use various  available manipulatives, flash cards, and their own creativity to reinforce academic principles in all major subjects. They work with students practicing math facts, penmanship, reading, writing, science, and social studies. They also help students complete all homework assignments before recess. Tutors then supervise and engage in recess activities with the children.

HOURS REQUIRED: Tutoring Monday through Thursday begins at 2:30 and ends at 4:15, with recess until 4:45. At 4:45, the children are dismissed, and tutors meet inside F-8 building with Sr. Margarita for a brief discussion / in-service meeting. Tutors are dismissed at 5 PM.

HELPFUL MATERIALS: Below, you will find some helpful materials to prepare you to be as effective as possible for our students! Please look over the ones appropriate to your grade level. Feel free to speak with us if you have any questions!

Grade Level Performance Standards

Each grade level has a set of benchmarks in each subject area that must be met before a student can proceed to the next grade. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the performance standards for your tutoring grade level. The more you understand what's expected of the students, the better prepared you are to help them achieve it!
***Tutoring Schedule***

2:30-2:45     Tutors Arrive and Clock In & Prepare.
2:45             Children Arrive
2:50-3:45     Academic Enrichment Activities
3:45-4:15     Homework 
4:15-4:45     Recess
4:45             Children Dismissed, and Tutors Report                                                 for In-service Meeting
4:45-5         Tutor Meeting
5                  Tutors Dismissed and Clock Out