Meet the Staff

Sister Margarita Martin, ACJ :

Executive director

Sister Marietta Jansen, ACJ:


Sister Angela Cordero, ACJ:

Neighborhood Minister

Becca Gojda:

Student Administrative Assistant

Hello! My name is Becca Gojda and I am a third year at the University of Georgia. Right now, I am pursuing a double major in English and English Education. Regardless of my major, poetry is not my style; but a good old fashion dad joke will make my day. One day I hope to teach either middle school or high school. Kids are my passion!! My entire resume consists of childcare jobs from day-care, to summer camp, to Oasis. I started working here because the environment is so genuine, and it is easy to remember the goal of teaching is to love on kids and helping them improve their academics is just a bonus. When I’m not sitting at my desk, you can find me at any coffee shop in Athens. I love dark chocolate, climbing mountains, and laughing till it hurts.

Madison Werner:

Student Administrative Assistant

Hi, my name is Madison and I'm a sophomore at the University of Georgia. Today I am majoring in Anthropology, Sociology, and Women's Studies, and I think this is actually the last time I will impulsively change my major at two in the morning. After graduation, I am hoping to get my PhD in Cultural Anthropology or Ethnomusicology. I am a former writer for Affinity Magazine, and I have been a counselor at Peacebuilders Camp for the past two years, both of which peaked my interest in immigrant rights issues. When the opportunity to work at Oasis arose, I jumped at the chance. Oasis is truly an environment like no other; college students can interact with elementary-aged kids and build strong relationships in an academic setting. I love my job here almost as much as I love buffalo wings.