USA Bases in South Korea and Japan"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed."   Dwight D Eisenhower, 16th April 1953.

South Korea

As of May 2010, it is reported that there are some 28,000 to 28,500 US armed forces personnel in South Korea. Comprehensive details of Army, Air and Naval forces are available on this website:


This is a list of U.S. the 39  Army posts in South Korea:

Camp Ames

Camp Carroll

US bases in Korea

Camp Casey

Camp Castle

Camp Colbern

Camp Coiner

USAG Daegu

Camp Essayons

Camp George

Hannam Village

Camp Henry

Camp Hovey

USAG Humphreys

Camp Jackson (Korea)

Camp Kwangsa Ri

Camp Kyle

Camp Long

Camp Market

Camp Nimble                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Source:

Camp Red Cloud

Camp Sears

Camp Stanley

Camp Walker

Camp Yongin

Far East Dist Engr

H220 Heliport

K-16 Air Base

Kunsan Pol Terminal Site

Madison Site

Masan Ammunition Depot

Pier #8

Sungnam Golf Course

Swiss and Swed Camp Mac HQ

Tango (U.S. Army)

Watkins Range

Yong Pyong

USAG Yongsan

Source:  of US base information on South Korea:

 For the number of US troops in South Korea by year since 1950 see: 

110 bases in ROK are being consolidated down to 48 according to Stars and Stripes:

In particular Camp Humphreys   near Pyeongtaek is being converted from a small helicopter installation into a sprawling base of   3,538 acres. At a cost of US$13 billion, this is said to be the largest construction project ever undertaken by the US Army.

Photos of Construction at Camp Humphreys:

For an aerial view of the Camp Humpreys construction:        


Some interesting observations on the supposed reduction of bases in South Korea:

New Jeju Naval Base:

Prostitutes in South Korea for the U.S. military



This is a list of bases in: Japan


As of May 2009, it is reported that there are 50,000 US armed forces personnel stationed in Japan.  Comprehensive details of Army, Air and Naval forces are available on this website:


List of Current USA Facilities in Japan

The USFJ headquarters is at Yokota Air Base, about 30 km west of central Tokyo.

The U.S. military installations in Japan and their managing branches are:

Air Force:  (14)

Camp ChitoseChitose, Hokkaido

Kadena Air BaseOkinawa Prefecture

Kadena Ammunition Storage AreaOkinawa Prefecture

Misawa Air BaseAomori Prefecture

Yokota Air BaseFussa, Tokyo

Fuchu Communications StationFuchu, Tokyo

Tama Service AnnexInagi, Tokyo

Yugi Communication SiteHachioji, Tokyo

Camp Asaka AFN Transmitter SiteSaitama Prefecture

Tokorozawa Transmitter SiteSaitama Prefecture

Owada Communication SiteSaitama Prefecture

Okuma Rest CenterOkinawa Prefecture

Yaedake Communication SiteOkinawa Prefecture

Senaha Communication StationOkinawa Prefecture

Army:  (38)

Fort BucknerOkinawa Prefecture

Camp ZamaZama, Kanagawa

Yokohama North DockYokohama, Kanagawa

Sagami General DepotSagamihara, Kanagawa

Sagamihara Housing AreaSagamihara, Kanagawa

Akizuki Ammunition DepotHiroshima Prefecture

Hiro Ammunition DepotHiroshima Prefecture

Kawakami Ammunition DepotHiroshima Prefecture

Gesaji Communication SiteOkinawa Prefecture

Army POL DepotsOkinawa Prefecture

White Beach AreaOkinawa Prefecture

Naha PortOkinawa Prefecture

Hardy BarracksRoppongiTokyo

Marine Corps:

Camp Smedley D. ButlerOkinawaYamaguchi Prefectures. Although these camps are dispersed throughout Okinawa and Japan they are all under the heading of Camp Smedley D. Butler):

Camp McTureous

Camp Courtney

Camp Kinser

Camp Hansen

Camp Schwab

Camp Shields

Camp Gonsalves (Jungle Warfare Training Center)

Kin Blue Beach Training Area

Kin Red Beach Training Area

NSGA Hanza

Higashionna Ammunition Storage Point II

Henoko Ordnance Ammunition Depot

Camp FosterOkinawa Prefecture

Camp LesterOkinawa Prefecture

Marine Corps Air Station Futenma

Yomitan Auxiliary Airfield

Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni

Camp FujiShizuoka Prefecture

Numazu Training AreaShizuoka Prefecture

Tengan Pier

Ie Jima Auxiliary Air FieldOkinawa Prefecture

Tsuken Jima Training Area

Kadena Ammunition Storage Area

Navy: (14)

Naval Air Facility AtsugiAyase, Kanagawa

United States Fleet Activities SaseboSasebo, Nagasaki

United States Fleet Activities YokosukaYokosuka, Kanagawa

Urago Ammunition DepotYokosukaKanagawa Prefecture

Tsurumi POL DepotYokohamaKanagawa Prefecture

Naval Housing Annex NegishiYokohamaKanagawa Prefecture

Naval Transmitter Station TotsukaYokohamaKanagawa Prefecture

Naval Support Facility KamiseyaYokohamaKanagawa Prefecture

Tomioka Storage AreaYokohamaKanagawa Prefecture

Naval Housing Annex IkegoZushi, Kanagawa

White Beach AreaOkinawa Prefecture

Awase Communication StationOkinawa Prefecture

Sobe Communication SiteOkinawa Prefecture

New Sanno HotelTokyo


Source of US Base information in Japan:

For a map of main US bases in Japan look at this website and zoom in:

Some of the Bases in Japan

20% of the land area of Okinawa is taken up by US bases.

June 2016

53,000 troops in Japan (plus 43,000 dependents and 5,000 civilian workers). Roughly 40 percent of those facilities, half the people, and three-quarters of the base area are located on Okinawa, with just .6 percent of Japan’s land mass, in the southernmost and poorest prefecture.



For further information on US Military Installations see:

American overseas bases cost $170 billion a year, which excludes the cost of fighting units.

"While bases may be costly for taxpayers, they are extremely profitable for the country’sprivateers of twenty-first-century war like DynCorp International and former Halliburton subsidiary KBR. As Chalmers Johnson noted, “Our installations abroad bring profits to civilian industries,” which win billions in contracts annually to “build and maintain our far-flung outposts.”        

Too Many Overseas Bases. David Vines

The Worldwide Network of US Military Bases
The Global Deployment of US Military Personnel      by Prof. Jules Dufour:

Graphic: Mapping a superpower-sized military.      Oct 28, 2011

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Base Nation: How US Military Bases Abroad Harm America and the World.   by David Vine