Delegation Visit To NZ 2012

Late November, early December a Delegation from the Korea - New Zealand Friendship Society (KNZFS) in Pyongyang, visited NZ - the first in 13 years. The objectives of the Delegation

 were twofold:  (1)  to develop  person to person friendships between the peoples of our two countries; (2) to gain an appreciation of the NZ education system and in particular how English is taught   as a a second language.

 The delegation comprised:

1.  Pak Kyong Il      Chairman, Korea-New Zealand Friendship Society

2.  Hwang Sung Chol     Secretary General, KNZFS

3.  Kim Ung Gol    Male   English Teacher from Kumsong College

4.  Kim Yong Sok   Male   English Teacher from Kumsong Middle School No. 1

On arrival at Auckland, the delegation was welcomed by Matt Robson and Secretary of the NZ DPRK Society, Peter Wilson.

                                              Driving South the Delegation viewed the Wairakei geothermal steam collection area.

 In Wellington, greeted by Chairman of the NZ DPRK Society, Don Borrie

                          Discussions were held with Kennedy Graham, Global Affairs Spokesman for the Green Party          
                           (centre photo below)
                           Also Raymond Huo MP (Labour) and Jian Yang MP (National).

With Martin Baker, Assembly Executive Secretary (6th from right) and staff of Head Office, Presbytarian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand

Lunch while visiting the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

                                                                                                       Briefing at Whitireia Community Polytechnic, Porirua

 With Chris Gosling,  Deputy Chief Executive (centre) and senior Whitireia staff.

      Teacher Kim  with Aotea College art student.

Learning about the NZ English curriculum at Aotea College.

                                Graham Kelly providing some  entertainment

  Sightseeing up Mt. Victoria, Wellington, with Tim Kearns  (former volunteer teacher at the NZ Friendship school in Pyongyang)  and Professor John Hearnshaw of the University of Canterbury who  visited and lectured in Pyongyang, September 2012.

A Martinborough wine tasting


and a Featherstone backyard Kiwi Barbecue before departing North to Hamilton.

Next day in Hamilton - discussion with  tutors at the Wintec Centre For Languages.    

                                              At Hillcrest Highschool, Hamilton.

At  St Pauls Collegiate Horticulture Department

Cutting a Friendship Cake

                                                                                                                           With Keith Woodley, Manager, Miranda Shorebird Centre

Viewing  Bar Tailed Godwits on the Miranda mudflats. 
(Godwits and other birds from NZ were observed  on DPRK mudflats by a joint  NZ/DPRK team in 2009 - see:


A farewell function with friends in Auckland

  including Neil Fitzgerald, National President of the Australia DPRK Friendship Society who flew in 
     specially for the occasion.

Final farewell photos before departure to the airport 

  GOODBYE   !!!

In the lift at Auckland airport.

Objectives of the NZ DPRK Society

  • To promote peace and understanding between the People of the DPRK and NZ
  • To support the peaceful reunification of the DPRK and ROK
  • To facilitate the exchange of people and resources between the DPRK and NZ.
  • To support recognition of DPRK by the international community of nations
  • To encourage DPRK’s full participation in all international organisations.

PYONGYANG  14th December 2012


To: NZ DPRK Society


Korea-New Zealand Friendship Society extends its warmest greetings from Pyongyang to NZ DPRK Society members, its associates and supporters. The Friendship Delegation safely returned home on December 8, Saturday, after finishing a successful visit to New Zealand.


The visit of our delegation to New Zealand turned out to be of a great help for our future joint works to develop friendly relations between our two countries, as well as serving as a great opportunity for our English teachers to have a deep insight into the advanced education system of New Zealand.


We are immensely happy that the Delegation members have had many chances to meet with and introduce themselves to lots of friendly New Zealand friends, while exchanging  the open-hearted views on hyper-activatingcooperations in many different fields.   


Availing ourselves of this opportunity, KNZF would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Rev. Don Borrie, Mr. Peter Wilson, Dr. Tim Beal, Mr. Karim Dickie, Mr. Graham Kelly and society members, as well as Mr. Richard Lawrence and our good and friendly New Zealand friends for your warm hospitality shown to our delegation members during their sojourn in New Zealand. At the same time, we are very grateful to Mr. Neil Fitzgerald for traveling to Auckland to meet our delegation with warmest greetings of our Australian friends.


Last but least, we must emphasize that generous financial offer of Prof. Stewart Lone and Mr and Mrs. Morgansto cover our international travel expenses was much appreciated and without that our visit could not be realized and done with such a great success.


On the basis of our successful visit to New Zealand this time, KNZF assure you of its continued commitment to strive for development of friendly relations between our two countries in the years to come.


Best regards,


Korea-New Zealand Friendship Society