NZ Friendship Farm

The 935 ha New Zealand Friendship Farm (Sambong Cooperative farm)  is located in Phyongwon County, South Phyongan Province.  The number of people living on the farm is 2,000  of which 1,200 are workers.

Some 750 ha is planted in rice each year plus a further 100ha in maize and potatoes.  In addition, barley, beans and apples are grown as well as vegetables in greenhouses. Pigs, rabbits, sheep and goats are also kept. Goats are milked  and the milk consumed by kindergarten children.

The workers are divided into 24 work teams and 109 sub-work teams.

N Z Friendship Farm Administration Building

Newly planted rice fields (May 2015)

Interplanted maize and potatoes

               The high school on the cooperative serves the surrounding area and has 1,000 pupils

High school class room

Music Class

The NZ Friendship Farm Medical Clinic handles 30 - 50 out patients per day and has six beds for in-patients. Simple surgery can be carried out, more serious cases are sent to a hospital.

The Kindergarten  looks 190 after children 5 - 7 years of age. 

A street in the residential village.

A private plot of inter-planted potatoes and maize beside a worker's cottage

Secretary of the NZ DPRK Society with members of the 
NZ Friendship Farm Management Board

NZ DPRK Society donates tractors to Cooperative Farm in North Korea

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