OGINO, Shigeji

荻野茂二, 1899-1991

Film: Rhythm

  • pioneer experimental filmmaker / animator
  • started making films in the late 1920s with a Pathé Baby
  • reputed to have made over 400 "small-gauge" films between the 1920s and 1976
  • post-WWII, he set up the Ogino 8mm Film School
  • experimented with 8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm film stock
  • experimented with tinting and colouring film stock
  • used a wide variety of film stocks including Kodachrome and Sakura Color Film
  • made home movies, travelogues, experimental films, animation
  • won many awards both at home and abroad throughout his career including the First International Film Contest in Budapest in 1935.  This event was organised by the Hungarian Small-Gauge Film Association


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YearEnglish titleJ title (日本語)J title (romaji)lengthstylemediumadditional info
YearEnglish titleJ title (日本語)J title (romaji)lengthstylemediumadditional info
1930 Town 街  Machi 14' at 16fps  b&w, silent  
1931  母を迎へて Haha no Mukahete 16' at 16fps  b&w, silent  
1932     9.5mm, silent  
1932 Detective Felix in Trouble FELIXノ迷探偵  Felix no meitantei 10'  9.5mm, silent  
1932 Fighting Cards トランプの爭  Trump no arasoi   9.5mm, silent  
1932   Hatena   9.5mm, silent  
1932 A Day After a Hundred Years まんが劇 與七郎の敬禮  Hyakunengo no aru hi 11'  9.5mm, silent  
1932 Rhythmic Triangles 三角のリズム Sankaku no Rhythm   9.5mm, silent  
1933 River   6' at 16fps  b&w, silent 1935? 
1934 Rhythm リズム  2'  9.5mm, silent  
1935 An Expression AN EXPRESSION(表現)  8'  9.5mm, Kinema-color  
1935   Hyogen 6'    
1935 Propogate PROPAGATE(開花)  4'  9.5mm, silent  
1937  寒天  Kanten 16' at 16fps  パートカラー  
1937 The Making of a Color Animation  色彩漫画の出來る迄   5' doc 16mm, silent with Noburo Ofuji 
1981 Water Illusions 水の幻想  Mizu no Genzou 13'  35mm, colour  
Showing 16 items