JINBO, Matsue

TV-Series: Mrs. Pepperpot (1983)

Studio Pierrot

Producers: Matsue Jinbo, Shoji Hara, Tsuneyuki Morishima, Yasuhiko Akai


Film: 泣いた赤おに

神保まつえ, b. April 1928 in Naka

  • Matsue Jinbo is sometimes romanized at Matsue Zinbo
  • 1959 Gakken Eiga Kyoku 学研映画局opened a puppet animation studio under Matsu Jinbo’s leadership
  • one of the few women directors in early animation
  • in 1975 The Little Match Girl won the Golden Mermaid Award at the Copenhagen festival celebrating the centenary or Hans Christian Andersen’s death
  • http://www.gakken.co.jp/campaign/70th/archives/

“While the rest of the world tosses these wonderful Gakken puppet films in the trash can we’re happy to snap them up as fast as we can find them. Gakken puppet films are an acquired taste: The puppets themselves are rarely endearing (on extreme close-ups, some --- even though they’re supposed to look cute --- look like cadavers). What makes these films among the best puppet films ever done, however, are the meticulous sets, wonderful action sequences (the snowball fight and the walking dog are magical), and good story lines (this film is so "dark" that I doubt if it would pass school censors today).” Source: http://www.afana.org/98chrono.htm

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