Writing Groups

Suggestions for Building Writing Groups

Start with a pilot group of 5 to 7 committed participants.

Agree on how you’re going to work together.

  • Perhaps begin with a four to six week commitment.
  • Goals for writing.
  • Agreements about confidentiality—inside and outside the group.
  • Select a volunteer to notify others of meeting times and places.
  • Discuss how to give and receive helpful feedback.

Consider using others’ writing to stimulate thinking

  • For example, read excerpts from New Pathways for Aging in the book or on the web.
  • Consider other models.

Agree on how to share your writing between meetings

  • Make and circulate paper copies before meetings.
  • Use electronic methods such as email or Google Groups.

Expect predicable stages of group development.

Consider publication after you’ve worked together for a year or so.

  • Informally among friends.
  • More formally.

Consider spreading your model by inviting others to read and discuss what you’ve done.

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