FD Neutral Red Solution


NDT206 FD Neutral Red Solution

(500 ml)

Two concentrations are offered:

  • NDT206-1 Regular strength price: $116.04
  • NDT206-2 Double-strength price: $156.89

NDT206 FD Neutral Red solution, made from neutral red certified by the BIOLOGICAL STAIN COMMISSION and with a step by step user's manual printed on the bottle, is specifically designed for easy use in all types of laboratories. This solution is formulated and extensively tested for staining of both neuronal and non-neuronal tissues. Neutral red imparts a red color to basophilic tissue elements such as nuclear chromatin and Nissl substances. The solution is excellent for visualizing neuronal cell bodies and the nuclei of non-neuronal cells.

NDT206-2 is also excellent for counterstaining.

Neural Red staining of the hippocampal subfields of a human brain.


  • Rakhade SN, Yao B, Ahmed S, Asano E, Beaumont TL, Shah AK, Draghici S, Krauss R, Chugani HT, Sood S and Loeb JA (2005) A common pattern of persistent gene activation in human neocortical epileptic foci. Ann Neurol. 58:736-747.

Terms and Conditions

  • For quality assurance of our service, it is recommended that you discuss with us for preferred perfusion protocol and histology and/or immunolabeling protocols.
  • It is suggested that you use Gel-coated microscopic slides for tissue mounting and 0.17um-thick coverslips.
  • A 15% of the fee will be due upon authorization of the study; and the remaining fee will be due upon delivery of study results.
  • Progress of the service is contingent upon staining quality of tissues, operated by the independent contractor.
  • Should early termination occur, Neurodigitech will prorate the cost incurred and invoice the Sponsor. The first portion of the fee is non-refundable.