Section Storage Solution


NDT301 Section Storage Solution™

$63.30 (250 ml)

The FD Section Storage Solution™ is a specifically formulated buffer solution that stays liquid at -20°C. It is ideal for the prolonged storage of free-floating fixed tissue sections. This solution has been proven to preserve the best morphology and antigenicity for cryostat and vibratome sections. Sections kept in this solution may be stored at -20°C for at least 5 years before processing for immunohistochemistry or routine histology.


  • Eid T, Lee TSW, Thomas MJ, Amiry-Moghaddam M, Bjørnsen LP, Spencer DD, Agre P, Ottersen OP and de Lanerolle NC (2005) Loss of perivascular aquaporin 4 may underlie deficient water and K+ homeostasis in the human epileptogenic hippocampus. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 102:1193-1198.

Terms and Conditions

  • For quality assurance of our service, it is recommended that you discuss with us for preferred perfusion protocol and histology and/or immunolabeling protocols.
  • It is suggested that you use Gel-coated microscopic slides for tissue mounting and 0.17um-thick coverslips.
  • A 15% of the fee will be due upon authorization of the study; and the remaining fee will be due upon delivery of study results.
  • Progress of the service is contingent upon staining quality of tissues, operated by the independent contractor.
  • Should early termination occur, Neurodigitech will prorate the cost incurred and invoice the Sponsor. The first portion of the fee is non-refundable.