About programmers (the truth about software developers)

A lot of IT people (especially software developers) are often seen as strange people. It happens that software developers do not look left and right and are focused on their computer. They sometimes do not know about the weather outside and they might not be interested in other things happening in front of the door.

Software development is not an easy work. The fact, that the number of programming languages, tools and documentation is growing very fast often does not make life easier for a programmer. A lot of difficult decisions must be taken and a lot of issues have to be considered in every subroutine that is written. A lot of people told me that they never could do such a work because it seems to be really too complicated.

So what the hell is the motivation of programmers? The answer is:

    1. Programmers are lazy. They write programs because they are lazy. They hate doing the same work a second time. Therefore they write programms that avoid doing the same manual work again and again.
    2. Programmers are not good in delegation of work. A lot of people solve a lot of problems in passing the work to someone else. As programmers are lazy they know what it means to get additional work (they mostly have enough of it themselves) and they are simply not rough enough (or too silly) to push the work to someone else. The only one who cannot defend and does accept all work with calmness is the computer.
    3. Programmers get buddhism eduction every day (their master is their computer):
      • The computer stays calm in any case, no matter what happens.
      • The computer does that what you tell it and not what you want it to do.
      • The computer is free of hate and free of emotions.

Hope this helps to understand your strange fellows in the neighbourhood a little better. :-)