Top photography tips

How to improve your amateur shots

Below some primary tipps to improve your photographic skills:

  1. Limit the view. Don't try to get everything on he picture. Focus on the main object.
  2. Don't place the main object in the middle. Imagine your picture separated in 3 parts horizontally and vertically. Prefer placing your main object somewhere where the(imaginary) horizontal and vertical separation lines lines cross. Moving the object from the middle requires locking the focus with the main object in the middle first (pressing the shutter button only half) because most cameras tend to focus on the object in the middle.
  3. Put your main object in contrast with the background/environment. As you produce a 2-D image from a 3-D world it is important to produce the imagenation of the third dimension. Contrast can be given in structure, color, pattern, sharpness and outlines.
  4. Serveral lines of objects on the picture should not lead one into the other. Prefer to keep them separated or cross them intentionally.
  5. Prefer diagonal lines rather than horizontal ones. If lines (horizon, street etc.) can be seen on the picture they should not be only slightly diagonal as it then seems to be a fault of the photographer. If lines are shown diagonal then it should be intentional.
  6. Separate your picture into 3 parts rather than in 2. For example if you make a picture of a coast then place 1 third heaven, 1 third water and 1 third coast.
  7. It is no fault to clip the main object. The main object has not neccessarily to be completely on the picture
  8. For Persons and animals it is most important to have the eyes sharp.
  9. Use flash even in daylight if light is coming from the front. Otherwise your main object is in dark shadow.
  10. Think of these (and other tipps) before you take pictures.