2020-08-30 - Website migrated to new Google Pages

I was still using the old style Google sites for my home page which really was looking old-style. The new pages are more intuitive to navigate. I was happy to see a migration too. However, the migration was not flawless. It happened a few times after manual adoptions, that all my edits were lost. Further the undo was not working fine in many cases. And the style and theme options in the new Google pages are very few only. I you accept a few limitations and get used to the interface, you find it easier and cleaner than the old content editing.

2012-01-17 - Moving to Optimal Systems

Since beginning this year (2012) I am now working at

OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH Ă–sterreich.

After working with the DMS/ECM systems Open Text eDOCS DM, Alfresco and EASY I am now on Optimal Systems ECM in my search for the DMS/ECM system that I can truly recommend to customers from the bottom of my heart.

The system is now 4 years in a row under the top 3 systems regarding customer satisfaction (according to a yearly Pentadoc-study) - and I mean - the name says it... - Jokes apart, from the first two weeks I think I had made fast progresses in understanding and customizing the system.

2011-09-11 - Moving to HENRICHSEN GmbH

Since 2011-02-01 I am working at HENRICHSEN GmbH in Vienna (Austria). My prime job is IT Consulting in the DMS and archiving area including implementation of such projects. This is basically similar to my previous job but dealing with other products. And currently I am not doing any software development (apart from a little vb- and java-scripting).

2009-03-17 - My new homepage is quite ready.

2009-01-26 - I am working on my new website