• Imagine you could fulfil every of your wishes by clapping your hands.
    • Imagine a heap of all things you stick to. Imagine to give it away.
    • Be aware of the transitoriness of things, persons, emotions and reality.
    • Allow the rising of fears, sorrows, habits, judgments, hopes, expectations and ideals. Name them exactly and put them aside. Free of emotions and thoughts you will see what to do.
    • Merge with every act as it would be your last. Do things with love and devotion.
    • Get familiar with the death - so that you can go to meet him if necessary.
    • All things that are, are required right now. Try to offer good/better things if possible and put the things on the right place.
    • With threat, punishment, force and blame you are doing harm to yourself. Reference to the effects of actions and to the reasons of suffering. Nobody have to develop as you would like it. Persons always can decide by their own.
    • Develop the courage to release from changeable dependencies, to accept unchangeable dependencies and develop the wisdom to distinguish between these two kinds of dependencies.
    • Address yourself to your own experience and your own recognition of reality. Take advantage of your experiences to improve patience, wisdom and sympatheticness.

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