Personal Information

Born in 1972

Married since 1999, 2 Children

Languages spoken are German, Italian, English

In my private time I take pictures (as photography is my main hobby) when I am not currently looking after my family and if there is some time left, I am writing articles on my blogs (1-2-solved and IT-Tactics).


I am currently working as an IT/ECM/DMS Consultant and Software Developer in Vienna (Austria)

at OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH Ă–sterreich since January 2012.

Before I have worked at HENRICHSEN Austria GmbH in Vienna (Austria) in 2011 and more than 13 years for MAY Computer GmbH (now XKEY) as IT/DMS/ECM Consultant, Project Manager and Software Developer. I have a total experience of more than 25 years in IT business and more than 14 years in DMS/ECM field.

I was not even 10 years old when my father brought home his first computer and he introduced me to programming (there were not really many computer games around by that time ;-) ). So since the early eightees I am collecting experience in software development (first for private purposes and later for customers also).

My actual work is mainly IT consulting, software development, software design and also project management.

For development my focus moved during the last years from Visual Basic to Java alongside my move from Windows to Linux. In the DMS/ECM field my focus moved from OpenText eDOCS DM (former Hummingbird) on to Alfresco and EASY Software to finally settle at Optimal Systems.

My fields of responsibility:

  • Analysis
  • Consulting
  • Conceptual design
  • Planning and coordination
  • Training
  • Software Development
  • Support/HelpDesk