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About this site

This is my homepage that should give you an overview about my focus and help you getting in contact with me.
As you already might have noticed, my main interests are:

You might ask how those things are related - and the answer is:

I began with software development long before the big philosophic questions appear in the life of a young person and this helped me later. As philosophy and psychology were not subjects taught in the school I attended, I began to fill this gap in education by listening to appropriate lectures at the university. I heard about a lot of possible psychological and either philosophical problems discussed often in history of mankind. Dealing with issues is the daily work in my first and primary profession (IT consulting, Software Design and Development):

There are problems to solve.

Working with computers means being familiar with problems. Having problems is normal to me. I found that psychological and philosophical problems can be solved using similar general strategies used also solving computer problems (and may be other kind of problems also). And the psychological situation also affects the ability to solve problems in other realms of life.

Going further, when you look at the personal properties, habits and thoughts of a person, you see that they do have a lot of influence on how the person views the world and vice versa: The view of the world influences thinking and habits. After I went the first time to take pictures (as the main purpose of the tour) I found new aspects of my personal being. It helped me getting a clearer view of myself and of the world. I read in a book about buddhism that the spirit is like a mirror and we should clean the mirror. Taking photographs is an expression of the own spirit giving you the possibility to "review" it. And this is somehow like cleaning the mirror.

Get a proper view of the situation.

Getting a more complete view of yourself and looking at your reflections of how you react when facing problems helps you in solving your problems. Cleaning the mirror helps clearing situations and optimizing the daily problem solution. And while trying to get a good pictures there are a lot of problems to be solved and so the circle is closed.

All things are related to each other somehow.