• Nothing is added to and nothing is removed from the universe. Only the appearance changes every moment. Every begin takes an end for granted.
    • There are bad actions but no bad people and evil powers. Every person uniquely acts according to his/her actual possibilities, knowledge and experience.
    • There is nothing universal good or universal bad. There are only wholesome and not wholesome things for every single person right at the moment.
    • Happiness and suffering depend on your interpretation of things and are not coming from outside. Desire, attachment and missing knowledge are the major reasons of suffering.
    • You are in potential danger of repeating suffering until you found the reason and learned from it.
    • Forcing changes to proceed means trying to urge the river flowing down.
    • With the thinking and acting of every single person world is configured right now.
    • Love is the consciousness producing delight and receiving delight.
    • Evaluation and judgement of a situation is bound to personal attitude, mind and view of the world.
    • Realization does not append any thought rather detaches them.

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