Sun Tempest Systems

These are NSA/NATO secure systems based on Sun Ultra-1 motherboards.

This secure Ultra-1 system was build by Telos Systems Integration in Ashburn, Va. It has hatches on the top for access to the floppy disk, CDROM, and hard disk. The fold down front door holds a keyboard and trackball and exposes the color flat-screen display. It has two serial and a parallel port on the back.

This is secure Ultra-2 system. From the labels it looks like it was built by NAI Technologies, Inc. subsidiary, Codar Technology, Inc., now part of DRS Technologies Inc. based in Parsippany, N.J. GTE Government Systems Corp. in Stamford, CT. was the prime contractor for this project.

LONGMONT, Colo., March 24 /PRNewswire/ -- NAI Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: NATL) subsidiary, Codar Technology, Inc., has announced the receipt of initial production orders from GTE Government Systems (NYSE: GTE) for the Version 2 (V2) Ultra Computer Unit (UCU), the rugged version of the Sun Microsystems (Nasdaq: SUNW) Ultra 2 workstation, just added to the Common Hardware/Software-2 (CHS-2) Program's product offering. 

The V2 UCU is the first ruggedized version Sun Microsystem's Ultra 2 workstation to be introduced to the rugged computer market place. Its compact size, small footprint and low weight (just 40 lbs), coupled with its full UltraComputing(TM) workstation functionality; makes it the perfect solution for client/server applications in environmentally hostile quarters, such as aircraft, shelters, ships, submarines, wheeled and tracked vehicles. Mounting options include standard 19" RETMA rack and tabletop. The V2 UCU meets all of the performance specifications of the rigorous CHS-2 program. 

The UCU design provides a fully functional Sun Ultra 2 workstation married to the standard array of CHS-2 fixed and removable peripherals. Housed in a compact rugged enclosure, the workstation is UltraSPARC(TM)-based with single or dual CPU processors. The available CPU modules are the fastest that Sun currently produces and the UCU is upgradeable with new Sun CPUs which are in development. On board RAM is expandable to 2GB. Standard serial, SCSI and Ethernet I/0 is provided. A very compact unit, overall dimensions of the UCU are 22.5"D x 8.75"H x 17.5"W. Overall weight with one 4.2GB removable hard disk drive, a 4X CD-ROM and floppy disk drive is 40 lbs. 

This product represents an important product line expansion for Codar Technology, Inc. and now means that the company offers the widest range of ruggedized products on the market. To date, over 4,000 individual units have been shipped on the CHS-2 contract in the first two years of a five year contract. 

Codar Technology, Inc. is a diversified electronics company with strengths in advanced workstation and personal computer system design and is a leading provider of rugged rackmount and portable computer systems for military, government and commercial applications. Its products are designed to function in harsh weather, climate and operational conditions with protection from temperature extremes, sand/dust, shock, vibration, moisture and humidity. They have a reputation for high-level performance and reliability in severe environments. Codar also offers customization services to modify standard products to the needs of endusers. In addition, Codar holds a strong market position in rugged LCD and CRT-based monitors. The Company's diverse customer base includes commercial markets requiring rugged computer systems, U.S. and foreign armed services, and intelligence agencies. 

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