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Fall dates announced!
October 5
October 26

November 30
Eric Mann
Long-View Micro School

Long-View Microschool encourages young learners to think like producers, not consumers. Rather than learn mathematics as an ever-expanding set of algorithms to be memorized, the second to sixth grade students at Long-View approach mathematics as a discipline of sound reasoning. They work in highly collaborative groups and use algebraic properties to simplify expressions and solve equations. In this session, we'll hear more about Long-View and re-experience arithmetic questions with the powers of algebra.

Those of you who enjoy reading about math and the history of math should check out Eric Mann's math blog Footpath Math.  It is a nice collection of posts on a variety of mathematical topics, all illustrated with chalk on sidewalks all over Austin, and in cities beyond.

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Check out Jason's collection of Collaborative Mathematics problems by clicking on http://www.collaborativemathematics.org/

Hanna Bennett has written up a very nice solution to the Fall 2013 Challenge Problem, asking for all the semiregular tilings.  Please see Hanna Bennett's Solution to the Semi-regular tiling problem.

Laura Battle's 5th Grade Class solves the locker problem.

Registration is free and open to all math teachers/instructional specialists/coordinators in the Austin area.  Join us for dinner and problem-solving fun!  See calendar below for more details.

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