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Spring dates announced!
January 25
Altha Rodin
UT Austin
February 22
Mark Maxwell
UT Austin

March 29
Kaitlyn Phillipson

What can math tell us about a stimulus space?
We need our brains to understand math, but what about using math to understand our brains? In mathematics, we can represent neural data as binary patterns called neural codes. Scientists have been working for years to study the connection between neural activity and the surrounding stimulus space. It has been observed experimentally that certain neurons, called place cells, fire in specific, convex regions in space, creating a cognitive “map” of the environment for the organism. One of the big questions in mathematical neuroscience is: Given a neural code, how can we determine if it can represent convex regions in space? We will explore this problem by studying codes with small numbers of neurons.

April 26
Jonathan Jonson
UT Austin

Those of you who enjoy reading about math and the history of math should check out Eric Mann's math blog Footpath Math.  It is a nice collection of posts on a variety of mathematical topics, all illustrated with chalk on sidewalks all over Austin, and in cities beyond.

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Hanna Bennett has written up a very nice solution to the Fall 2013 Challenge Problem, asking for all the semiregular tilings.  Please see Hanna Bennett's Solution to the Semi-regular tiling problem.

Laura Battle's 5th Grade Class solves the locker problem.

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