• Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility: NEN100
  • Tissue Engineering: BML810 (Every I Semester)
  • Biomaterials: BML820 (Every II Semester)
  • Industrial Biomaterial Technology : BML710
  • Undergaraduate Chemistry Laboratory: CPY100


  • Advanced Biomaterials: NCL 213
  • Basic Chemistry for Interdisciplinary sciences: NCL 105
  • Advanced Organic Spectroscopy: NCL 209


Lab is actively associated with outreach programs.

Formation of Melange

This is a forum by and for NCL women researchers. The objective of this forum is providing career guidance and counselling, providing a platform for networking and discussing issues relevant to women researchers.Melange aims at providing an interactive platform for budding women scientists to mingle with eminent women scientists from India and abroad. Workshops, panel discussions are an integral part of Melange.

“Reaching out to Schools” Exciting Science Outreach Program, Pune, India 2013

Instructor for lesson activities on Tissue Engineering at three underprivileged local schools

“Popular Science Talks” Exciting Science Outreach Program, Pune, India 2012

Popular Science Lecture for school students on Tissue Engineering