Understanding cancer metastasis & cancer microenvironment

Our initial efforts are focused on first developing in-vitro models mimicking tumour like environment and that can enable study of cancer cell’s invasiveness, microenvironment and growth rates. Towards this, via a microfluidic based technique, we have developed a 3D scaffold with probes that can sense various microenviromnetal changes. Using our platform we are interested in probing the metastasis potential and invasiveness of cancer cells. We are alos using the platform to study antimicrobial resistance potential of bacteria.

Recent work carried out in the lab:

Biocompatible Fluorescent Carbon Dots for Ratiometric Intracellular pH Sensing

Chemistry Select 2017, 2 (20), 5723-5728.

Cell microenvironment pH sensing in 3D microgels using fluorescent carbon dots

ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 3 (12), 3620-3627