Mozart: New Documents is a collaborative project for the digital publication of new Mozart documents discovered since 1997, the date of the second supplement (the Neue Folge) to Mozart: Die Dokumente seines Lebens. This website is intended as an open working draft, and we welcome contributions and feedback from readers, who will receive explicit credit and acknowledgment.

Digital publication allows us to roll out the content of the site gradually; it currently includes 178 documents with commentaries, and around 180 others are in progress. By the time the site is completed, it will include around 350 new documents and addenda, and our research is still ongoing. When the site has reached a point of relative stability, we hope to move it to a more permanent home with an institutional base. We are also considering options for the print publication of some or all of the documents and commentaries on this site.

Many of the documents published here were found in digital collections—predominantly Google Books, but also other digitized corpora, including the Hathi Trust, ANNO (Austrian Newspapers Online), and DTA (Deutsches Textarchiv), among others. The ability to carry out text searches on large digitized corpora has allowed us to uncover references to Mozart in publications that have not been systematically surveyed by previous Mozart scholars. Some of these documents represent what is in essence a new category of Mozart document, which we call “Mozart in Literature,” where “literature” is broadly construed to include not only plays, stories, and other fictional works, but also “non-fiction”: guidebooks, travelogues, and works of philosophy, aesthetics, theology, and pedagogy.

See the Documents page for a chronological index of the items published on this site; for a more detailed overview of the project as a whole, see Introduction and Methods. To be kept up to date on newly added documents and substantial revisions to the commentaries, subscribe to our News feed. When the documents and commentaries are largely complete, we will also be adding several general thematic essays to the site.

Updated: 28 Jun 2021