MorseKOB 2.1.2

MorseKOB 2.1.2 is the version to use if your computer is running Windows 98. It also works with Windows XP. For Vista and later versions of Windows, you should use MorseKOB 2.5.

Installing MorseKOB 2.1.2

  1. Download and uncompress MorseKOB 2.1.2
  2. Copy the folder named MorseKOB onto your hard drive. (The usual location for this folder is My Documents, but you can put it anywhere you want.)
  3. The MorseKOB folder on your hard drive contains two subfolders: Data and Program. Open the Program subfolder.
  4. Right click on the MorseKOB application file and select Send To > Desktop to create a MorseKOB shortcut on your computer's desktop.

Limitations of MorseKOB 2.1.2

  • audio for the simulated sounder doesn't work with Vista and later versions of Windows
  • doesn't save Circuit Closer setting, Code Reader options, and Preference settings between sessions
  • lacks warning message when serial port can't be opened
  • ID list not flushed on wire change
  • scrolling through wire numbers while connected floods the server log
  • Loop Mode uses contact debounce instead of noise filter (this is actually an advantage of KOB 2.1.2, and an unfortunate limitation of KOB 2.5)