"Keeping the sound of Morse alive"

MorseKOB is a program for doing landline telegraphy and American Morse with the help of a computer. For more information on Morse telegraphy, visit the Morse Telegraph Club’s website.

MorseKOB versions

This is the stable version of the KOB program. Completely unchanged since 2009, it’s still the preferred choice for most users. A tutorial and FAQ are available for this version.

This version runs on Mac OS and Linux, in addition to Windows. It’s the obvious choice for Mac and Linux users. It has a few more features than KOB 2.5, but it's not as robust. Not for the faint of heart.

KOB 4.0 is a collection of Python modules for the do-it-yourselfer wanting to create a new program for some specific Morse code application.

More information

This web page provides a list of all the users currently connected to different KOB wires, including automated broadcast feeds.

Browse the KOB user group’s message archive and sign up as a member.

Describes how to connect a key and sounder to your computer.

Miscellaneous documents relating to the KOB program.


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Les Kerr, "AC" office, Seattle, WA