Prof. Mahamane Laoualy Abdoulaye
Université Abdou Moumouni, Niamey

My primary research activities concern Hausa (Chadic, mainly in Niger and Nigeria) and Zarma Chiine (Songhay, mainly in Niger). Major topics are: Hausa (morphosyntax, semantics, and pragmatics), the sociolinguistic situation in Niger, the Ajami manuscripts, the syntax of Zarma Chiine, and the areal features of the main Niger languages (Hausa, Zarma Chiine, Kanuri, Fula, Tamajaq, Gurmancema). Favourite linguistic theories are: Grammaticalization, Role and Reference Grammar, Constructionism, and functional-leaning theories in general.

I have taught
undergraduate and graduate courses about the following: English for linguists (to 1st year university students); English linguistics, translation, Introduction to linguistics, Schools and theories in linguistics, Phonetics and phonology, Historical linguistics and typology, Structures of African languages, Generative and Transformational Grammar, Grammaticalization, Hausa language, and Hausa linguistics.

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Private snail mail: P.O.Box 5, Niamey, The Republic of Niger
Office: Department of Linguistics, FLSH
Tel: +227-96972683 (Imo, WhatsApp), +227-90168690, +227-20738470, +234-08030480472
E-mail: mlabdoulaye AT gmail com