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               Raw Materials for Gasket & Packing


中文名称 Style Name & Discription
盘根材料 Packing Materials
膨胀石墨线 Y7000 Expanded Graphite Yarn (Reinforced by Cotton, Glassfiber, Carbon fiber)
增强石墨线 Y7000I Wire Reinfoced Graphite Yarn (Reinforced by Inconel, Nickel, S.S., Copper)
浸四氟石墨线 Y7000P Graphite Yarn impregnated with PTFE
网包覆石墨线 Y7000M Inconel Reinforced Graphite yarn external braided with Inconel mesh
预氧丝线 Y2100(P) Carbonized fiber Yarn (Impregnated with PTFE)
预氧丝短纺线 Y2100S Spun Carbonized fiber yarn reinforced with glassfiber impregnated with PTFE
碳纤维线 Y2102 Carbon fiber yarn
芳纶线 Y2200 Kevlar yarn
芳纶短纺线 Y2200S Spun Kevlar yarn reinforced with glassfiber impregnated with PTFE
白芳纶短纺线 Y2204 Spun Aramid yarn reinforced with glassfiber impregnated with PTFE
无油白四氟线 Y2300 Pure PTFE Yarn (oil free)
含油白四氟线 Y2300L Pure PTFE Yarn with oil
四氟夹裂丝线 Y2304 Multiple PTFE filament yarn impregnated with PTFE
无油黑四氟线 Y2320 Graphited PTFE yarn with few oil
含油黑四氟线 Y2320L Graphited PTFE yarn with oil
石墨夹心黑四氟线 Y2320GFO Graphited EPTFE yarn with graphite sandwich (Chinese GFO)
苎麻线 Y2400 Ramie Yarn impregnated with PTFE
亚克力线 Y2500 Arcylic fiber Yarn reinforced with glassfiber impregnated with PTFE
“金芳纶”线 Y2540 Kynol fiber Yarn impregnated with PTFE
“金芳纶”短芳线 Y2540S Spun Kynol fiber yarn reinforced with glassfiber impregnated with PTFE
玻纤线 Y2600E/C E/C-Glassfiber yarn
陶瓷纤维线 Y2700(I) (Reinforced) Ceramic fiber yarn
无尘石棉线 Y1000 Dust free Asbestos Yarn
有尘石棉线 Y1000D Dusted Asbestos Yarn
红色硅胶圆绳 CO4600SC Red Silicon rubber cord
盘根专用四氟分散液 PTFE-EM PTFE Emulsion for Packing dipping
盘根专用石墨乳液 Graph-EM Graphite Emulsion for Packing dipping
超细石墨粉 Graph-PD Graphite powder for packing lubrication
垫片材料 Gasket Materials
缠绕用石墨带 TA7002 Graphite Tape for SWG
膨胀石墨带 TA7002(CS) (Corrugated) Expanded graphite tape (with adhesive coating)
缠绕用石棉带 TA3000 Asbestos Tape for SWG
缠绕用非石棉带 TA4120 Non-asbestos Tape for SWG
缠绕用四氟带 TA7102S Universal PTFE Tape for SWG
缠绕用膨胀四氟带 TA7100S EPTFE Tape for SWG
金属平钢带(0.2mm) 02MFT- Flat Metal Tape (thickness:0.2mm)
缠绕垫用金属V形带 02MVT- V-shape Metal Tape (thickness:0.2mm) for SWG
包垫用金属板(0.4mm) 04MS- Metal sheet (thickness:0.4mm) for DJ
金属冲齿板 TMS- Tanged Metal Sheet
环用金属板/条(3mm) 2/4MS- Metal Sheet/Strip (thickness:2/4mm) for Ring
金属齿形条 3/4CMS- Corrugated Metal Strip(thickness:2/4mm)
酸化石墨 G5099 Oxidixed Graphite