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Barided Carbonized Fiber Packing impregnated with PTFE




Carbonized Fiber  2100 Carbonized Fiber Packing Braided from shrink-proof oxdized polyacrylonitrile fiber impregnated with PTFE dispersion containing graphite particles,silicon-oil-free,Compared to traditional carbon fiber packing,it is not brittle,can suited for high peripheral speeds.It has high strength and good thermal conductivity.PTFE and graphite mades the packing have excellent self-lubrication,so thes packing does not damage shafts and has long life. 2100I Carbonized Fiber Packing Reinforced with Nickel wire The wire reinforcement provides incerased mechanical strength,usually for static. Application:Used in weak acds and alkalis or media containing few grains of solid particles,both dynamic and static,mainly used for centrifugal pumps,plunger pumps,mixers and valves.

Service Limits

T 280Dgr
PH 2-12
V 25m/s
Pressure Rotating 20bar
Reciprocating 100bar
Valve 200bar


Forms of supply£º
Packing Ring£ºR2000(I)