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Braided Expanded Graphite Tape



Description: Braided Expanded Graphite Tape-Knitted with an innovative expanded pure graphite yarn .has high strength and good flexibility .It can be used as packing and sealing gasket, with metallic wire is also available

SINSTON TA7008 Braided Expanded Graphite Cloth
Woven by an innovative expanded pure graphite yarn .Has certain strength excellent flexibility and heat resistant .It can be used as fireproof cloth instead of asbestos cloth .Expanded graphite cloth with metallic wire is also available. (Width: 1000mm; Thik.: 1.5~6mm)
To be used as a endless gasket-strip for vessels and flanges of extreme uneven, high temperature and high pressure. Used in Heat-Exchangers, boilers, pipes, doors, covers, ect. Easy handling and installation to every size, also used as a universal-gasket during revisions, ect.
SINSTON TU240 saves money and time. Since there is no scrap or waste, it costs less than other gasket materials. By using only a few sizes, large inventories of gasket sheet and costly precut gaskets can be eliminated. Installation time is kept to a minimum since there are no templates, precutting or special fitting requirements.
Temperature           -240~ +550° C
PH                            0-14
Max. pressure         100 bar (without wire reinforcement)
                                 200 bar (with wire reinforcement)

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