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中文名称 Style Name & Discription
盘根工具 AT PT  Packing Tools
盘根切割刀具 AT PK Packing Knife
软填料注射枪 AT IG Injection Gun
便式垫片切割器 AT GC Handy Gasket Cutter
双刀头垫片切割器 AT   GDC               Gasket Double Cutter
垫片冲孔套件 AT GPS                              Gasket Punch Set
O型圈制作工具及迷你套件 AT ORK Mini-O-Ring with Splicing Kit
非金属带开条机 AM NTC Non-metal Tape Cutter
钢带开条机 AM MTC Metal Tape Cutter
钢带成型机 AM MTS Metal Tape Shaping machine
小型缠绕机 AM SW Small Winder for SWG
中型缠绕机 AM MW Medium Winder for SWG
大型缠绕机 AM LW Large Winder for SWG
电脑板自动缠绕机 AM AW Automatic Wound machine for SWG
钢带点焊机 AM PWD Pulse Welder for metal tape
盘环机 AM RB Metal Ring Bending machine
外环铣槽机 AM RG Outer Ring Grooving machine
金属条滚齿机 AM SC Metal Strip Corrugating machine
金属箔材滚焊机 AM SWD Metal foil Sewing Welder
冲齿机 AM MP Metal foil Puncher 
板材滚压机 AM CC Complex sheet calender
板材胶辊印刷机 AM RP Rubber Roller Printing machine
内外圆同步剪切机 AM GC Gasket cutter with double Knives
包边钢带成型机 AM ETS Eyelets metal Tape shaping machine
内外包边机 AM EW Eyelets Wrapping machine
金属包覆机 AM MJ Metal Jacketed machine for DJ
石墨膨胀炉 AM GF Graphite Expanding Furnace
石墨线生产线 AM GYL Graphite Yarn Process Line
捻线机 AM YT Yarn Twisting Machine
打轴机 AM BW Station Bobbin Winder
双轨方8锭编织机 AM 8SB 8-carrier Square Braider with 2 orbits
三轨方18锭编织机 AM 18SB 18-carrier Square Braider with 3 orbits
四轨方24锭编织机 AM 24SB 24-carrier Square Braider with 4 orbits
四轨方32锭编织机 AM 32SB 32-carrier Square Braider with 4 orbits
半自动倒挂式20锭编织机 AM 20IB 20-carrier semiautomatic Inverted Braider
半自动倒挂式24锭编织机 AM 24IB 24-carrier semiautomatic Inverted Braider
半自动倒挂式32锭编织机 AM 32IB 32-carrier semiautomatic Inverted Braider
盘根成型机 AM PC Packing Calender
盘根卷绕机 AM PW Packing Winder
1000石墨卷材流水线 AM GRL Graphite Roll Process Line
石墨酸化流水线 AM OGL Oxidixed Graphite Process Line
无尘石棉线生产线 AM AYL Asbestos Yarn (Dust Free) Process Line
(非)石棉板生产线 AM ASL (Non-)Asbestos sheet Process Line
膨胀四氟带生产线 AM EPL EPTFE Tape Process Line