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                                Heat Insulation



中文名称 Style Name & Discription
无尘石棉 Asbestos
(无尘/有尘) Y1000 Dust free Asbestos Yarn 
无尘石棉方绳 PK1000 Asbestos Square rope (Dust free)
无尘石棉扭绳 PK1002 Twisted Asbestos Rope (Dust free)
无尘石棉圆绳 PK1004 Asbestos Round Braided rope (Dust free)
无尘石棉松绳 PK1006 Braided asbestos lagging rope (Dust free)
无尘石棉带 TA1000 Braided asbestos Tape (Dust free)
无尘覆铝箔石棉带 TA1000AL Braided asbestos Tape with Aluminium (Dust free)
无尘石棉布 CO1002 Braided asbestos Cloth (Dust free)
无尘覆铝箔石棉布 CO1002AL Braided asbestos Cloth with Aluminium (Dust free)
有尘石棉 Dusted Asbestos
有尘石棉线 Y1000D Dusted Asbestos Yarn
有尘石棉方绳 PK1000D Dusted asbestos Square rope
有尘石棉扭绳 PK1002D Twisted Dusted Asbestos Rope
有尘石棉圆绳 PK1004D Dusted Asbestos Round Braided rope
有尘石棉松绳 PK1006D Dusted asbestos lagging rope
有尘石棉带 TA1000D Dusted asbestos Tape
覆铝箔有尘石棉带 TA1000DAL Dusted asbestos Tape with Aluminium
有尘石棉布(无尘/有尘) CO1002D Dusted asbestos Cloth 
覆铝箔有尘石棉布(无尘/有尘) CO1002DAL Dusted asbestos Cloth with Aluminium 
玻纤 Glassfiber
玻纤线 Y2600E/C E/C-Glassfiber yarn
玻纤方绳(夹钢丝) PK2600(I) Braided Glass fiber ropewith S.S.wire)
玻纤扭绳 PK2602 Twisted Glass fiber rope
玻纤圆绳 PK2604 Round braided Glass fiber rope
玻纤松绳 PK2606 Braided Glass fiber lagging rope
玻纤带 TA2600 Braided Glass fiber Tape
覆铝箔/硅胶玻纤带 TA7200AL/SC Braided Glass fiber Tape with Aluminium/Silicone rubber coating
玻纤网格带 TA7200M Braided Glass fiber mesh Tape
玻纤蝌蚪带 TA7200TD Braided Glass fiber Tadpole Tape
玻纤梯形带 TA7200LD Braided Glass fiber Ladder Tape
玻纤布 TA7202 Braided Glass fiber Cloth
覆铝箔/硅胶玻纤布 TA7202AL/SC Braided Glass fiber Cloth with Aluminium/Silicone rubber coating
玻纤网格布 TA7202M Braided Glass fiber mesh Cloth
玻纤方格布 TA7202P Braided Glass fiber Plaid Cloth
(涂硅胶)玻纤套管 TU7204 Braided Glass fiber Sleeving (with silicone rubber coating)
玻纤纸 4500 Glassfiber Chopped Strand Mat
玻纤板 4502 Glassfiber Board
玻纤毡 4504 Glassfiber Blanket
陶纤 Ceramic fiber
陶纤线(夹钢丝) Y2700 Ceramic fiber yarn (with S.S. wire)
陶纤方绳 2700 Braided Ceramic fiber square Rope
增强陶纤方绳 2700I Ceramic fiber square Rope reinforced with Inconel wire
陶纤扭绳 2702 Twisted braided ceramic fiber rope
陶纤圆绳 2704 Round braided ceramic fiber rope
陶纤松绳 2706 Braided ceramic fiber lagging rope
陶纤带(覆铝箔) TA7300(AL) Braided ceramic fiber tape (with Aluminium)
陶纤布(覆铝箔) CO7302(AL) Braided ceramic fiber cloth (with Aluminium)
夹钢丝陶纤布 CO7302I Braided Ceramic fiber cloth reinforeced with Inconel wire
陶瓷套管 TU7304 Braided Ceramic Sleeving
陶瓷纤维棉 F4400 Ceramic fiber
陶纤纸 4400 Ceramic fiber paper
陶纤板 4402 Ceramic fiber board
陶纤毯 4404 Ceramic fiber blanket
高温晶体棉 F4440 High-temperature Crystal fiber
高温晶体板 4442 High-temperature Crystal fiber board
高温晶体毯 4444 High-temperature Crystal fiber blanket
岩棉 Mineral Wool
岩棉制品 4420 Mineral wool product
岩棉管 TU4424 Mineral wool tube
岩棉板 4422 Mineral wool board
岩棉毯 4424 Mineral wool blanket
铁丝网增强岩棉毯 4424M Mineral wool blanket with galvanized hexagonal wire mesh in one side
覆铝箔岩棉毯 4424AL Mineral wool blanket with Aluminium
碳纤维 Carbon fiber
碳纤维带 TA7400(AL) Braided Carbon fiber Tape (with Aluminium)
碳纤维布 CO7402(AL) Braided Carbon fiber Cloth (with Aluminium)
石墨 Graphite
编织石墨带 TA7006 Braided graphite Tape
编织石墨布 TA7008 Braided graphite Cloth
R-PE防腐材料 Rubber-PE Anitcorrosion Materials
防腐胶带 AAT Anitcorrosion Tape
保护带 APT Protective Tape
补口带 AJT Joint Wrap Tape
底漆 APP Paint Priming