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4400 Ceramic fiber Paper

On the base of traditional process of paper making and paper machinry, the mechanical product line of wet inorganic ceramic fiber paper is developed and established.
With the special ceramic fiber as raw material which contains littls residue sphere, the high quality paper is made through slurrying, removing residue ,mixing slurry, long-mesh shaping, vacuum dehydrating, drying, cutting and rolling etc.



High temperature insulation for industrial furnaces ,steel ladles ,casting barrels and submerged nozzles; electric and thermal insulation for electric furnaces; sealing for furnace doors and expansion foints; lining for aluminum casting molds; release sheets for glass-ceramics or heat melted glass and special ceramics; high temperature gaskets; thermal and electric insulation for heaters; acoustic and thermal insulation for automobile mufflers; heat insulation for exhaust tubes and pipes, etc.

Thickness(mm) 0.5-5
kg/m³) <250
Tensile strength
kN/m 1.18-1.38
Organic content
(%) <10
(℃) 1260
mm 610, 1220
Special specifications are available upon request