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Carbon fiber packing




Carbon Fiber 2102 Carbon Fiber packing Braided from strong carbon contimuous yarns after softening,impregnated with proprietary lubricants and graphite partickes,which fill woids,act as a break-in lubricant,and block leakage. 2102I Carbon Fiber Packing Reinforced with Nickel wire The wire reinforcement provides increased mechanical strength,usually for static. Application:Used for pumps or valves in high pressure and high temperature.Handle water,steam,acids and aldalis for power stations,refineries,boiler plants etc. 2102I is commonly used in steam turbines,high temperature motor-actuated valves and for high pressure,hignh temperature valve application in general.

Service Limits

T 600¡æ
PH 2-12
V 20m/s
Rotating 25bar
Reciprocating 100bar
Valve 200bar
D(g/cm³) 1.1-1.3

Forms of supply£º
Packing Ring£ºR2102(I)